Wilbur Cobb is a demented, decaying, senile old man who is usually shown telling Ren and Stimpy wild stories. He first appears in "Stimpy's Cartoon Show", in which he is introduced as Stimpy's idol, nicknamed "The Godfather of All Animation". Wilbur Cobb would go on to reappear in later episodes, taking roles such as a museum worker, a reverend, and an escaped convict.

He dies in "Galoot Wranglers" after he guarantees that his made-up story is true, promising to drop dead if otherwise, although he appears in the form of Ren's guardian angel in "The Last Temptation".

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  • Wilbur Cobb was partially based off famous cartoonist Walt Disney. [1]
  • Wilbur Cobb was originally supposed to be a rotting pile of meat and mushrooms. [1]
  • He was originally named Raymond Spum by the Spümcø crew, but once Spümcø was fired, Games Animation named him Wilbur Cobb after one of the story editors, Will McRobb.
    • Raymond Spum was the name John K. credited himself under in "Nurse Stimpy" as he was not pleased with how the episode came out, resulting in him refusing to put his name on the episode.


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