ok, i know what you're all gonna say "THIS GUY CAN'T DO THAT, HE'LL RUIN THE SHOW!" actually i've been talking to Vincent Waller about this and he's fine with it! And the intro is already made [link when intro uploaded] with these clips:

  1. In The Army - Ren & Stimpy Shaking
  2. Black Hole - The Ship Sucked Into The Hole
  3. Aloha Hoek - Ren & Stimpy Gasping For Water
  4. Ol' Blue Nose - Ren Sleeping
  5. Man's Best Friend - Ren, Stimpy & George Liquor Dancing
  6. Rubber Nipple Salesmen - Ren Hit By Fire Chief
  7. Man's Best Friend (2) - George Liquor Skipping
  8. Man's Best Friend (3) - Ren, Stimpy & George Liquor Dancing Fastly


Sidenote: Windows Movie Maker Fudged Up On Me So The 6th Thing Wont See The Impact! :P

UPDATE: Instead, I am hiring Animators and BG artists to remake the ORIGINAL intro, I love when actual shows do that, and seeing the remade SpongeBob intro, I decided to remake the original intro, because, you guys, and the crew, will think it's cool!

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