What if Mr. Pipe is related to Old Man Hunger and, as a result, Mrs. Buttloaves, which would form one large family tree? Some points for this include:

  • Big Baby Scam, in which the deleted scene states that Old Man Hunger is living with them and that he is Shawn and Eugene's Grandpa. Unless he means distant (like great-grandfather) he means that Old Man Hunger is his father.
  • The Great Outdoors, where it is stated that Mrs. Buttloaves is Old Man Hunger's mother, which would theoretically, connect it into one big family tree.
  • Several characters all enjoy being naked in front of people:
    • Mrs. Buttloaves
    • Old Man Hunger (especially)
    • Mr. Pipe

I know that Ren and Stimpy are not ones for continuity, but it'd make a lot of sense. Sure, they don't have rough continuity, but remember that each episode has a defined premise, which is:

  • A dog and a cat get into zany adventures. The dog is the masculine of the two and works, while the cat is the feminine housewife who stays home and cleans.
  • The dog is mad, crazy, and rude, while the cat is kind and sweet, but an idiot.
  • They are either on the fringe of hunger or completely set.
  • It is in the style of old cartoons, which went through the same premise. The setting could change, but the premise wouldn't (for instance, Bugs Bunny would always be a rabbit who could easily get out of situations by his wits, but can live anywhere from a tiny rabbit hole in the forest with a bed and have to deal with a hunter, or a desert in the middle of nowhere)

So what do you think?

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