• I live in a house
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is a random girl. SUGAR ALL THE WAY!
  • I am A female, of course.

About me :3

Well... *sighs* theres not much to say. Fine, I'll say it. My user-name is Mitsuki-Chan because I'm an anime and chibi fan. Well, my favorite hobbies is singing, playing my guitar, dancing, taking a nap, texting, taking pictures and going on the internet. I am a pretty awesome gal and I have a fun and crazy imagination. I can be a bit over-protective and strong but I can get a bit out of control with rude people. And I'm here to like..see pages. 
Ren hoek don t whiz on the electric fence collage by mhfan1011-d5rvw9a

Full name: Chloe "Kat" Jade L 

Star sign: Scorpio

Birthday: November 5th

Likes: Rainbows, chocolate milkshake, chocolate, dolls, Christmas, TV, the internet, love novels, humorous things, random moments, drums, electric guitars, awesome people, ponies, derping, seeing my friends, sketching, singing, dancing, seeing my family, fanfics, comics, cats and dogs.

Dislikes: Racist people, milk, a dumb-ass, rude people, smoking, drugs, perverts, loud noises, orange juice, mouldy food, people hurting others, rape, perfume (cuz before I got perfume in my accident) and horrible art.

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