"Travelogue" is an episode of Season 4.


Ren and Stimpy decide to travel to a strange continent called Acromeglia. There they explain the culture of the island.

Removed Scene

There was a scene removed on the Paramount DVD. After Ren and Stimpy board the taxi, they encounter one of Acromeglia's most popular attractions; Ol' Facefull, an actual hot geezer sleeping on a bench. The tour guide says that Ol' Facefull's eruptions are so punctual that "you could set your watch by 'em." Then, while Ren is looking at his watch, Ol' Facefull's stomach begins to grumble, which causes the all the visitors (minus Ren, Stimpy and the tour guide) to flee as Ol' Facefull pukes on Ren, just as Ren's watch goes off. This scene can be viewed here.


  • Ren: (After finding a hair in his soup) There's a hair in my soup!! (Ren vomits)


  • This is the final episode in Season 4.
  • Despite being a Season 4 episode, this episode and it's sister episode Superstitious Stimpy were aired in the middle of Season 5's run.
  • DisgraceLand: Disgrace land is a parody of Graceland, home of Elvis Presley. Interestingly, the tour guide also resembles Elvis.
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