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"The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen" is the 18th and final episode of the second season as well the final Spümcø-era episode of the original series.


The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen episode

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Ren and Stimpy, who are bound to the order of the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksman, must journey across the unbearable Canajun terrain to claim uncharted territory.


The episode begins with the lead of the Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, a group of men whose motto is "We Always Get Our Butts Kicked", looking for men to take on a very important task. Stimpy bribes the leader with money (stolen from Ren), so the two of them are chosen to look for the great Barren Wasteland while the other men stay behind with a bunch of beautiful women. The two set off riding yaks and encounter several hardships.

First, the two have to cut firewood to burn for heat. Next, Ren gets sick and has to be treated by leeches. Then, Ren is forced to go to the bathroom in an outhouse without toilet paper. Next, the two of them are attacked by arrows, presumably shot at them by Indians. Then, the two of them are attacked by the world's largest (smallest) primate. Now covered with bandages and riding their yaks in the rain, the two of them are struck by lightning. Then they venture into the Canadian jungle, where swarms of mosquitoes attack them. Ren selfishly snatches the canteen from Stimpy, only to discover too late that it's filled with bees.

Ren soon becomes tired of the quest and wants to stop. Stimpy changes his mind by singing the royal anthem of the Kilted Yaksmen. However, the encouragement from the song soon wears off and the two become miserable and can only crawl across the ground, muttering the lyrics. Unfortunately, this drives one of the yaks mad and he demands that Stimpy shut up. Ren slaps the yak, bringing him back to his senses. Then all four of them sit down to think about how they can find food.

Finally, Ren comes up with an idea: They can eat dirt. Stimpy finds some dirt to eat, but Ren stops him, claiming that it's "poison dirt". Then he demonstrates the proper way to find dirt (by ironically putting various food items on a shovel). One of the yaks claims that this "hunting for dirt is a bunch of baloney" to the other and stabs his shovel into the ground. He hits what is presumably a dirt spring. Stimpy prepares them food made out of dirt (fried dirt cakes and dirt on the cob). After their dirt feast, they fall asleep. They awaken the next morning and Ren plants a Canadian Kilted Yaksmen flag on a cliff. Stimpy and Ren and their yaks salute standing before the flag. The episode ends with the announcer semi-complimenting the two "heroes" as the camera shows a shot of Ren and Stimpy, still in their saluting pose, now skeletons standing under a highway.


  • The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen is a parody of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as the uniforms and mode of transportation are similar:
    • Their red uniform and hat is inspired from the Red Serge tunic and hat.
    • The Yaksmen rode yaks while the RCMP rode horses.
  • The humpback whale from the "Canadian Kilted Yaksmen" song is later seen in "Circus Midgets", as one of the unfortunates forced to be part of the circus midgets' audience.
  • An African Cape Buffalo joins in singing the anthem as well.
  • A still shot of Stimpy caring for a sick Ren is a callback to the episode "Nurse Stimpy".
  • The anthem is sung to the tune of "God Save The Queen" (the national anthem of the United Kingdom), performed by the main voice actors and, according to the credits, the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles.
  • This is the last episode to feature the animation services of Spümcø until Adult Party Cartoon in 2003.
  • This episode marks a few end stones for John Kricfalusi:
    • This is John Kricfalusi's last episode as director.
    • This is John Kricfalusi's last episode working on the story.
    • This is John Kricfalusi's last episode voicing Ren (however, Bob Camp voices Ren during the anthem).
    • This is John Kricfalusi's last episode involved with the series, before he and his company Spümcø were terminated from Nickelodeon. He would not work on Ren & Stimpy again until Adult Party Cartoon.
  • When Stimpy begins singing the anthem Ren's left ear is normal, but when Stimpy says "And the buzzards, they soar overhead" a bite mark on Ren's left ear can be seen, but after that lyric his ear turns back to normal for the rest of the song.
  • This episode may have taken place in Canada because creator, John Kricfalusi, was born in Canada.
  • This is the last episode of the original series animated by Carbunkle Cartoons.

The Royal Anthem of the Kilted Yaksmen


Ren & Stimpy - The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Anthem


Our country reeks of trees

Our yaks are really large

And they smell like rotting beef carcasses

And we have to clean up after them

And our saddle sores are the best

We proudly wear womens' clothing

And searing sand blows up our skirts

And the buzzards, they soar overhead

And poisonous snakes will devour us whole

Our bones will bleach in the sun

And we will probably go to hell

And that is our great reward

For being the-uh roy-oy-al Canadian Kilted Yaksmen

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  • The original airing of the episode did not have the normal intro. In its place was a clip of the Ren & Stimpy Show title card crossfading into a different card that read "A Ren & Stimpy Special".[1]
    R&S S02E12-RCKY-RenandStimpySpecial.jpg
  • The word "hell" was censored on nearly every TV airing and home video release; the word was left uncensored whenever the episode aired on MTV, although it went back to being censored when the show was briefly brought back in 2016. The uncensored version can be seen here.


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