The Pope is a minor character, only appearing in the Season 2 episode Powdered Toast Man.


The Pope's only appearance is in the episode Powdered Toast Man, where he is being help captive by Muddy Mudskipper, who has tied him to a barrel of explosives. Powdered Toast Man saves the Pope and instead ties Muddy to the barrel. The Pope appears in one of the episode's most iconic scenes, in which Powdered Toast Man tells the Pope that he should "cling tenaciously to my buttocks". Powdered Toast Man soon abandons the Pope after getting another distress call, and the Pope does not appear again.


  • This was one of the only roles in a show played by Frank Zappa, and the last one he played before his death in 1993.
  • Later airings on Nickelodeon removed all references to the Pope, instead referring to him as "The Funny Little Man in the Pointy Hat".
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