Episode: The Last Temptation
The Last Temptation

[The episode begins at Ren and Stimpy's House, Ren was reading a magazine.]

Ren: Hey stimpy, Hurry up with that oatmeal. I'm starving!

Stimpy: Be ready in a sec.

[Stimpy was stering the oatmeal.]

Ren: You've better hold it up, you gonna hate my honey oatmeal.

Stimpy: No problem, Ren. Lumpy is, a lumpy does.

Ren: [deleted scene] What's taking so long with my lumps!

[Stimpy was looking Uncle Bud's mallet brand Oat Lumps.]

Ren: Hey, what are ya doing in there?

[Stimpy was put the Oat lumps on his pot and he poofs a flour at Stimpy, end of deleted scene.]

Ren: Alright, where's my dad blaster oat-

[Stimpy will see oatmeal at Ren and Ren surprised.]

Stimpy: [speaking in French] Allow me.

[Ren was happy.]

Stimpy: Well, enjoy your lumps. I'm off to see my stories!

[Stimpy runs off, Ren will scoop a big oatmeal.]

Ren: Man, now that's what I call a lumps!

[Ren was eating a big oatmeal and he swallows it, he throws his fork away and he's picking the tooth with his toothpick and then he's choking a big oatmeal from it's mouth. Stimpy will watch a movie on TV and Ren was choking and he knocks the wall and then Ren's face turns light blue while choking.]

Ren: Stim-py..... [chokes]

[Stimpy was eating a popcorn, Ren was choking around and flop like a fish and he can't breathe.]

Ren: [wheezes] Stim-py.... [chokes]

[Ren was having eye close up look and he chokes even more, begin of flashback, Ren and Stimpy has a baby. Stimpy was no lungs and Stimpy has a idea and he's about to gave Ren's lungs and Ren punches Stimpy. At the battlefield,  he fires up and Ren and Stimpy are armies and it both will cover the hole.]

Stimpy: [shivers] Hey Ren....

Ren: [shivers] What?

Stimpy: I gotta go wee-wee!

Ren: Ohhh no ya don't. Not mine, fatso! You go over there!

[Stimpy sees the men's bathroom house. Stimpy was scared and he rans at the bathroom. At the end of flashback, Ren's eyes are wide and big and he chokes to death and then Ren's soul are flying and he died from putting a big lump in Ren's mouth and Ren's soul sees Ren was dead. Ren was flying to see Stimpy. Stimpy was crying for a romantic movie and he blows a tissue on his nose and he laughed at the movie. Ren was punching but now he's invisible but Ren has a confusion and Stimpy was laughing.]

Stimpy: [laughs] WHAT A RIOT!

[Stimpy was continue laughing and Ren was flying through heaven and sees the bus. The bus is called "Purgatory" and Ren walks by the bus and sits the seat. He looked shockly at the heavenly pork. He stops the bus and goes off. Mailbox was called "The Big Guy" and Ren was looking at Wilbur Cobb razing a grass with his grass cutter machine.]

Wilbur Cobb: Phew. Oooh boy.

[Wilbur Cobb will pet the grass on his head while sweating.]

Wilbur Cobb: He is hot up here. So another this guy memorable flying luck, eh? Uhhh, what's ya name, lad?

Ren: Uhh, HOEK! REN Hoek!


[Wilbur Cobb grabs Ren.]

Wilbur Cobb: My son, I just brought ya here today, the teachers now the fortunes of life here. Ya see those leaves? They are your transgrassence.

[Ren sees Ren's flower.]

Ren's flower: What are YOU looking at?!

[Wilbur Cobb is grabbing Ren's flower.]

Wilbur Cobb: If you must one rip of all out of roots.

[Wilbur Cobb was pointing Ren's grass and Stimpy's grass.]

Wilbur Cobb: Ya see that crab grasses? They represent your evil ways.

[Ren's grass slaps Stimpy's grass.]

Ren's grass: Heheh! Oh, wise guy, eh? How do ya like them apples?

Wilbur Cobb: They are the bad things you do. Two little ones weren't closest to you. You have denial a toxic with a fervent of love.

[Wilbur Cobb sprays a posion spray at the grasses and grasses fell down on the ground.]

Wilbur Cobb: Can you see this little bug in here?

[Ren Beetle was rolling Spurbo cigar.]

Wilbur Cobb: He is your greedy little cigar beetle.

Ren: Hey little fellow, whatcha got there?

Ren Beetle: OH NO YOU DON'T! I found this and it's all mine, you hear!?!? ALL MINE!!!

Wilbur Cobb: You must refine those worming tots by kicking those cigars read...

[Wilbur Cobb kicks the Bug Ren.]

Wilbur Cobb: End to the streets.

[Ren looks at Ren's butterfly.]

Wilbur Cobb: Ya see, son. You're old when reflex your life. And ya can't have a good life without some pooling and handover, and that's why I'm giving you a second chance. GO BACK, HOEK and tend your garden!

Ren: And I been showed the error of my ways! I am a changed man! Well, goodbye, you worship! Thanks for everything. I won't let you down!

Wilbur Cobb: Farewell, Goody rodent. Hasta la vista. [giggles]

[Ren goes on the bus and he drives off.]

Mr. Pipe: Hey, Cobb.

[Wilbur Cobb was shocking.]

Mr. Pipe: What's going on out there?

Wilbur Cobb: I'm sorry, sir! [runs off]

Mr. Pipe: Boy, I'm sorry that I hired a good for nothing garden.

[Ren comes out of heaven, Stimpy was laughing with Ren.]

Stimpy: [laughs] Get a load of that! [laughs] Does this kill you or WHAT? [laughs]

[Stimpy slaps Ren, Ren spits his big lump out of his mouth.]

Stimpy: Oh, I'm dying! [laughs]

[Ren's soul will go on Ren and Ren was alive.]

Ren: Stimpy, I'm back! I'm alive! Come Stimpy, we much to do!

Stimpy: No Ren, you can't! You wasn't! Have you taking leave of your senses, man?

Ren: Shhh, stay the concress, son. I hereby read myself of my most valuable wild lovely goods. My collection of.... Seleprety toplace. Let it shattered...

[Ren throws a hair on firewood.]

Ren: Burnt....

[Ren throws another hair on firewood.]

Ren: And bazo the clown.

[Ren throws a bazo the clown's head on firewood and he throw all the hairs on firewood and fire will be flamed.]

[Timecard says "Next Morning". Stimpy was watching TV.]

Ren: Stimpy, I have something to get off my chest. My friend, for the last 20 years, I been bazzarding money for your piggy bank. I hope you can forgive me.

[Ren has a money at Stimpy.]

Ren: Here, it's million bucks. Every last cent of it.

[Ren was an angel. Stimpy was happy.]

Stimpy: WOW!! A MILLION BUCKS?! I'll see ya later, Ren! I've got some spending to do. [runs off]

[Timecard says "Weeks Later". All the stuffs for toys and Ren was quiet.]

Ren: Ooommmm.... Ooommmm....

[Stimpy was riding a car around with a lady.]

Ren: Go ahead, enjoy your evil ways. But I'm warning ya. You'll be sorry.

[Ren has hitten by a car. In deleted scene, Stimpy was walking on a pool. Ren will throw the seeds on the ground.]

Stimpy: Oh hi, Ren! Care to join us for a dip?

Ren: GO ON! Go swimming in the pious pool of sorrow! See if I care!

Stimpy: Okay, Ren!

[Stimpy will jumps at the pool and Splashes the water at Ren.]

[Ren was an old thief and he slaps with his rope and Stimpy was eating lunch.]

Stimpy: Hey Ren, you don't have to eat strong bucks if you don't want em.

[Stimpy was eating chicken.]

Stimpy: I got plenty of food to share.

[Ren was eating wheat.]

Ren: You mock my words, Mr. Greedy Glutton, Someday you'll be sorry for your evilly hauntiest ways.

Stimpy: Okay, suit yourself.

[Stimpy takes a bite with his big chicken and he started choking.]

Stimpy: Ren... [chokes] I'm choking, Ren! [chokes]

Ren: Don't worry, Stimpy! I'll save yoooouuuu.....

[Ren was looking a motorcycle and looks at two shoes with wheelers and looks at Spycar with lady and he looks at Stimpy chokes a big chicken. He dreamed about a Ren riding a SpyCar.]

Ren: I'll, uhhh, go for help!

[Ren runs to Wilbur Cobb and Ren looks at Wilbur Cobb.]

Wilbur Cobb: So, got you tricks, EH JOHNNY?!? Are you gonna let you friend Stimpy choke? Are you gonna right things?

Stimpy: [chokes]

[Ren punches Stimpy and spit the big chicken out of his mouth.]

Wilbur Cobb: Good work, Stimpy! And as a reward, you get the spend the next 15 years with your stupid friend there.

[Wilbur Cobb slaps a rake at Ren.]

Wilbur Cobb: Of course, there's a matter of all these worldly goods and seeing as all warmed up and all got games, I'll have to cut the stage is everyday, goodbye. [drives off]

[Ren and Stimpy was sad and he both started crying.]

Stimpy: Awww raggy!

[The iris was closing at the end of the episode.]

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