The Ghost is a monotone ghost who haunts a typical haunted house. He tried to scare Ren & Stimpy when they enter his home, but he's very unsuccessful at it. Eventually, he gives up the game and reveals himself to Ren and Stimpy, who pity him. "It's okay," says Stimpy, "We'll do better". The ghost refuses and tries to kill himself with a hammer and nail, but Stimpy suggests poison instead (much to Ren's bewilderment). Oddly, this has a reverse effect and he re-incarnates as a fat African American Musician, and leaves a confused Ren and Stimpy inside the house. 


  • "I'll hide in this BREAD!"
  • "This bloody head gag gets 'em every time."
  • "Oh, the poor helpless fools, how I pity them."
  • "Watch if you dare."
  • "It's a good thing I'm already dead."
  • "Wake up you PIGS!"


On The Ren & Stimpy Show


  • His voice sounds similar to Stinky's.
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