Episode: School Mates
School Mates

[The episode begins Ren was putting strings on his hands]

Stimpy: Neck one, Pearl two, Mid three. Pearl bary... [The phone rings]

Ren: Hello, Chuck. Why you ol' dog. I haven't you seen it forever! What? Run away over? Great! Catch it a few. Ciao! That was my own patonity brother, Chuck. He's coming by for a visit. Oh, that will be nice. [panicking] Coming by for a visit?! SHE'S CRIPES! [Ren looks at the tea collection, pretty lamp, cute baby stuff and looks at the cheerleading outfit]

Stimpy: Looky Ren, I finished your cheerleading outfit. Try it on.

Ren: I-I.. I can't let Chuck see me like this! [Chuck knocks at the door]

Stimpy: I'll get it! Coming!

Ren: Ohhh no, you don't! [Ren throws Stimpy at the closet and shuts the door. Chuck kicks the door.]

Chuck: YEAH!! Time to party! CHUCKY BOY'S HERE! OOH OOH OOH OOH OOH OOH OOH OOH OOH! How are you, ya ol' dog?

Ren: Hey, buddy! How about my back handshake? [Ren and Chuck was doing a back handshake]

Ren and Chuck: [singing] Oh make it out to fly, Oh make it out to fly, Heigh Ho the derry-o, make it out to fly. [Ren and Chuck laughs]

Chuck: Hey, Hoek, You're gettin' kind of... dandy in your old age. [Chucky looks at Stimpy] It's a cat! LET'S GET EM! [Stimpy runs away and Chuck will get him. Chuck bites Stimpy's butt. Chuck laughs.] Oh, Geez! Did you see that cat run? [laughs]

Ren: Ehh, Actually, that cat is Stimpy. My roommate and best pal in the whole world.

Chuck: Hmmmm.. That really makes me wanna PUKE! Not only they live a demastagated lifestyle. But where the CAT no less. And that too much of a cat that. I didn't think YOU lost your canine unless streak.

Ren: Ehh, it's not true, I tell you. Why I... I have some much of a maygee bleed bitten butt hound has I EVER was. [snaps his finger]

Chuck: Oh yeah? Prove it. CHASE THE CAT! Hmm, better fix him up a bit first. [Chuck is wearing a cat costume at Stimpy] There! Now that's a cat. You wait here for a few seconds. Then knock. Got that, furbutt?

Stimpy: Yes sir.

Chuck: What are ya?

Ren: I'm a dog.

Chuck: What are ya!?

Ren: I'm a dog!


Ren: CATS!!


Ren: CATS!!! CATS!! CAAATS!!! [Chuck and Ren woofing.]

Chuck and Ren: [cute voice] Who is it?

Stimpy: It's the cat. Any vicious dogs in there?

Chuck: No, just us...

Chuck & Ren: MAD DOGS!! [Stimpy screams. Chuck and Ren chasing at Stimpy. Ren was biting Stimpy's butt. Chuck and Ren laughs.]

Stimpy: I'm running out of buttlocks up here. [Close-up that butt is missing.]

Chuck: Yeah, it's just like the ol' times, eh Hoek? What are ya say you and me go out and PAINT THE TOWN YELLOW! [Chuck and Ren was chasing a car. Chuck kicks all the trash can. Ren loves the dump. Ren was washing it with the fish.]

Hedgehog: Man, what a day. What else can go wrong? [Chuck grabs the hedgehog]

Chuck: Here you go, pal. Be my guest. [Hedgehog scrubs Ren]

Ren: Thanks, pal. [Chuck and Ren was chasing a Skunk]

Chuck: Come on, man! Hurry up! Give me your best shot! [Skunk sprays at Chuck. Chuck and Ren giggles. Ren and Chuck are playing poker with all the dogs. Stimpy looks at the clock]

Stimpy: I sure hope the boys are alright. REN, YOU'RE HOME!

Ren and Chuck: [singing] Oh, make it out the fly, Oh make it out the fly, Heigh ho the derry-o, make it out the fly.

Stimpy: Oh Ren, I was so worried about-

Chuck: Hey, it's that cat. [Four dogs are growling. Stimpy screams. Four dogs was chasing Stimpy] Hey buddy, look at this? It's the old college handbook. Those for the days, eh Hoek?

Ren: It sure is.

Chuck: Hey, his name is Flyspeck. Ren is president of the Flower Arranging Corps, Captain of the Underwater Chess Team, and the Treasurer of the Speelunker's Club. Wow, what a winner. [Two women dogs, Chuck and Stimpy laughing at Ren]

Stimpy: Boy Ren, you're a jennywine loser!

Chuck: [laughs] Yeah, a pathetic reject. [Ren was sad] Hey, Let's play a game! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!

Ren: What? [Chuck will put the cat costume at Ren]

Chuck: It's a cat! Kill it! [Ren screams, Two dogs are chasing at Ren.]

Ren: Well boys, I'm off to work. See you about 8 hours. Play nice. [Ren walks off]

Stimpy: Gee, what do we do all day? [Chuck sees Stimpy. A timecard says "8 Hours Later.]

Ren: Well, I'm home. I'm sure hope you boys... Huh? What the? [Stimpy punches lightly at Chuck. Chuck punches hardly at Stimpy. Chuck and Stimpy laughs.]

Stimpy: Hi-ya, Ren. How's a boy? We've been watching Bloody Sporty events and play a manly punching games, design with thick horrible bruces.

Chuck: Hey Stimp, come on pal! We gotta get outta here before all the public restroom closed.

Stimpy: Goodbye Renny. We're going rousing.

Ren: But, But... what about.. me?

Chuck: Oh yeah. We left a few dirty dishes in the kitchen. Take care of those will ya. [Ren was washing dishes.]

Ren: Boy, that Chuck is always delight for the party. Just like back in Collage. Those for the days. [Ren flashbacks at School]  I remember the first time and meet my that brother. It was all that midnight clammy. [Chuck put Ren on his cup. Chuck laughs.] And the kind of respect the sports team.

Chuck: Oh, uhhh... Spitboy.

Ren: Here, you worthless borness, sir. [Chuck spits at Ren. Booger Red Lummox looks at Ren. Ren smiles] And then, there was the night of the harvest home coming dance. [Ren pressed the doorbell] I am purchased the lovely sausage hipick of boil. And what is to be the best night of my life. Turned out to be the worst! [Chuck and his wife going to the car]

Chuck: Hey, flyspeck! Don't wait up for us. [drives off while laughing] [ends of flashback. Ren was sadly tears up.]

Ren: [sad] WHO AM I KIDDING!? I WAS A PATHETIC LOSER! And insignificant flyspeck. And that's all I'll ever be. [crying] Stimpy? Is that you? Buddy?

Stimpy and Chuck: [singing] Oh, make it out a fly, oh make it out a fly, Heigh Ho the derry-o, make it out a fly. OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH!

Stimpy: Hi, Ren! We drink toilet water. And I liked it.

Ren: That's nice.

Chuck: Yeah, and we can do the root beer chaser. So hop to it.

Ren: In a flash. [walks off]

Stimpy: Hurry back, Ren. See if you can play a manly games with us.

Chuck: Eh, forget him, Stimpy. He is a bum. He always was a bum, he continues to be a bum, and he always will be a BUM. Come on, let's get some more compacted prokine. OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH!

Stimpy: Psst, Hey Poundyface, we're gonna watch a violent act of sportsmenship now. [Ren was lonely.]

Ren: No thanks, I'll just wait here 'til I die. [sobbing]

Stimpy: Hmmm.. I know! Oh Ren! [Ren sees Stimpy] It's a cat. Let's get him.

Ren: Thanks Stimpy. You really knows just how they cheer me up.

Stimpy: Oh pushaw.

Ren: Can we pals again? [Ren bites Stimpy's tail]

Stimpy: Friends to the end, Ren. Friends to the end. OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! OOH! [The iris was closing completely at the end of the episode]

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