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Sammy Mantis is an anthropomorphic praying mantis who is best known for his hit single "Mantid Man" and for gnawing people's heads off. Stimpy is Sammy's biggest fan, attempting to do anything to get his head gnawed off by Sammy. He is based on entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.

He has appeared in "Dinner Party" and "Sammy and Me".


He has dark green skin with a small, gray nose and a mustache. He has one big, red eye and another smaller one. He has a black jacket with a black and white undercoat as well as blue wings and light brown legs.


  • Sammy's song "Mantid Man" is based off the song "Candy Man," originally written for the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and then made into a hit single by Sammy Davis Jr. the following year.
  • Tommy Davidson, Sammy's voice actor, is known for his dead-on impersonation of Sammy Davis Jr., which he had also performed on In Living Color and elsewhere. He uses this impersonation for Sammy Mantis.