Ron Hauge

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Years active
1990 - present

Ron Hauge is an American television writer and executive producer. In his earlier career Hauge was a contributor to National Lampoon. After this he wrote for Seinfeld, In Living Color, The Ren & Stimpy Show, and a short lived reincarnation of The Carol Burnett Show. He wrote 23 episodes of The Ren & Stimpy Show, as well as animating Stimpy's cartoon in the episode "Stimpy's Cartoon Show". When the show ended, he went to work on The Simpsons.


Ep # Episode Title Credit
Season 3
20b Circus Midgets Writer
21b An Abe Divided Writer
22 Stimpy's Cartoon Show Animator, Storyboard artist, character designer
23a Jimminy Lummox Writer
24 Ren's Retirement Writer
25b Road Apples Writer
27a Eat My Cookies Writer
27b Ren's Bitter Half Writer
Season 4
30a House of Next Tuesday Writer
31b Lumber Jerks Writer
32a Prehistoric Stimpy Writer
32b Farm Hands Writer
37a Pixie King Writer
38b My Shiny Friend Writer
39b Wiener Barons Writer
40a Galoot Wranglers Writer
41a Ol' Blue Nose Writer
42a Superstitious Stimpy Writer
Season 5
43b Feud For Sale Writer
44a Hair of the Cat Writer
46b Bell Hops Writer
46b Dog Tags Writer
49a Pen Pals Writer
49b Big Flakes Writer
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