Episode: Reverend Jack
Reverend Jack

[The episode begins at Ren and Stimpy riding on Reverend Jack Cheese's meatmobile.]

Ren: Well, Stimpy. Driving his meat truck is the best job we ever had!

Stimpy: And we have to bring lots of swell meat to the boys and girls. With my personal favorite, The double dipped Pighead on the stick! [Stimpy eats the double dipped Pighead on the stick.] Mmmm...

Ren: Yeah, but the best of all, we get to work of the great genius. Reverend Jack Cheese! Fame creator of the Cheese Dog.

Stimpy: And a punkmen of all as meat on the moon.

Ren: Stimpy, It's time to put on the record.

Stimpy: Duhhh, okay Ren. [Stimpy plays a record.]

Little Girl: The Meatman!

Little Boy: The Meatman!

Little Boy #2: The Meatman! Breakfast reverence is here, mom!

Childrens: WE WANT MEATS!

Ren: Well, that sets the hook. Time to wheel them in.

Stimpy: I'm pressing meat time button, Ren. Look at the gas per air. How cute.

Ren: Hey we better check on the reperin.

Stimpy: Checking... Uh, jack? Mr. Cheese, sir? Your meatiness? The children as a simple to Joe. [Reverend Jack left fist says "Pity" and right fist says "Self Pity". Certain says "What are ya?" opens. Reverend Jack was playing a guitar.]

Reverend Jack Cheese: HEY! Where's a screw on thumb?

Stimpy: [pants] Here it is, you geniusness! [Stimpy waves at the viewers. Reverend Jack Cheese pushes off Stimpy]

Reverend Jack Cheese: Gather around, Children! For I, rich the gospel of MEAT!

Ren: That's our cue. Where's the meat puppets?

Reverend Jack Cheese: Now, back before time began, Man lived in harmony with his meat. They are one big happy family.

Ren [as farmer]: Hello there, Mr. Cow! How are you today?

Stimpy [as cow]: Duhhh, Moo Ren!

Reverend Jack Cheese: But this blissful co-existence wouldn't last for soon, A cow show it's drool waters. It reality this once trusted behooves friend to man... turned out to be... [demonic voice] A BLOODTHIRSTY TWO-HORNED DEVIL!

Cow: WHAT!? MOO!

Reverend Jack Cheese: And soon, Rolling back of angry cows tenderized the country side! And then, the murder of server turned on.... [Cow puppet smashes Farmer puppet at Ren, demonic voice] MAN!!! [normal voice] It was that for us... THE EVIL POWER HAS STOP AT NOTHING!!!

Cow: Go back if you can, you ugly hook nose streets! MOO! [Cow throws the Rock at Ren.]

Reverend Jack Cheese: And before stand to far and anger us now. Be gone, horrifying juniors and never cross the biology AGAIN!!! [plays a guitar faster and thanks the children]

Stimpy: Who wants meat treats?

Childrens: I DO, I DO, I DO!

Chipper: One curl squirrel, please!

Stimpy: Aye aye, chipper! [Stimpy will scoop the squirrel into the ice cream] One squirrel, enjoy! [Chipper licks the ice cream] YAY!

Little Girl: I got an soft-served meat cone.

Little Boy: I got push-up meat. [Ren and Stimpy smiles.]

Reverend Jack Cheese: Yes, children, yes! Celebrate man's victory of loss a meat. And don't forget, this is a logical steak coss. [Fades to outskirts to town Industries.]

Stimpy: 48, 49, FITY! 5 shackles, 4 bottle caps, 3 paper clips, and a comb. The children gave chaneries to me, Ren. The Reverend will be pleased.

Ren: Hey, you should almost be done by now. Better go check. [Reverend was in the meat station.]

Stimpy: Are you scorching enough, sir?

Reverend Jack Cheese: I need more sauce. Paste me. [Ren paints the barbaque on Reverend.] That's not how you do it! Give me that! [Reverend drinks the BBQ.] Well, what are you standing around for? It's time to start the ceramony! Get that turn the glasses! Tease my color meetway! Iron my shirts! Paint my eyebrows. The shave my big boldness toe! And what's with my BUTT! It's not flat and square enough! [Stimpy puts the clover of the pants. Stimpy goes to the Wiggley Field.]

Baseball Announcer: And it's time on top of the knife we are here to show the game. And start to the playist left be other johnny Porkski. Here's the line and the... Wait, wait a second! There's a crazed band on the field! Whoa, he's stealing 3rd base! Boy the folks are really use that kind of field the time of their line-up. Someone has out of sign this guy. 

Stimpy: Jump. Your butt worries are over, Reverend.

Reverend Jack Cheese: Ah, now THAT'S what a butt should look like! Now, I'm ready for my skin half of my meat lobe. [Reverend Jack Cheese put on the meat clothes.] Bring up the ice. [Ren put the ice on Reverend's pants. Reverend smells the meat.] We are gather here today to pay harvest to MEAT! I'm talking about LOCKWURST! [In deleted scene] Reseve this both of you. [singing] This is perfectly good lungs meat.

Ren: [singing] I'm sure you want to waste it like that.

Reverend Jack Cheese: [singing] Close the door and baking one.

Stimpy: [singing] What are ya...

Reverend Jack Cheese: [singing] Take this qutuns theyyyy are my refuuuuse.

Ren and Stimpy: [singing] Whaaaaaat arrrrre yaaaaaaa....

[A Timecard says "Next Morning".]

Reverend Jack Cheese: Daddy, I love you! [gasps, looks at the Ren and Stimpy] Wake up! I had avision! My father sent her out to get me! He said "It's time for me to MERT TO DRIVE!" [Reverend Jack Cheese drives the porkcar.]

Kids: Here it comes! Here comes the Reverend Wagon! YAY! [drives off] I knew I should use your rat.

Stimpy: Uhhh, Reverend? I think you drive past kids!

Reverend Jack Cheese: Keep driving. Don't start.

Ren: CRIPITY! We're drool to KILL! [Fades the longest day. Ren and Stimpy are tired] Stimpy, I've been driving forever. I'll be going in bed. If we ever put on the single show in months. Go back here and see what he's doing.

Stimpy: Okey dokey, Ren! [Reverend was lonely] E-E-Excuse me, Reverend.

Reverend Jack Cheese: AH! AHHH! AHHHHHAHAHAHA!!!! Did you bring the toast?

Stimpy: Uhhhh... we were wondering...

Reverend Jack Cheese: Wouldn't you have a seat in my office. Put on the record. [Stimpy plays the record.] Listen to that.

Stimpy: So, you royiness? The thing is it's been months now and we were starting that thinking of we can.. put on uhh, A show with a children, that you...

Reverend Jack Cheese: [sobbing] It's beautiful! [sobbing] I squeezed my tears in my eyes! [sobbing]

Stimpy: I think it's time we put on another show! The children really wants every puppets!

Reverend Jack Cheese: Children? This isn't about the children! This is about to MEAT! More than EVER! IT'S YOU TOO! LITTLE HOT SMOKING WAYS FOR NEXT THE SALT!!!

Ren: Cripes! It's the the highway meat patrol!

Stimpy: What seems to be the trouble, officer?

Jasper: Reverend, will let for starters. You've got meated to stop to your grill! And holding this GAS off around in the pretty sight! Now step aside, let me see what's going on in the back of this truck. [Jasper opens up and shocked. They covered his eyes.] OH THE HUMANITY! [Reverend Jack was all crazy] You'll never serve meat in this town again! You're washed up, the show's over! Hand over your meat confectioner's license!

Reverend Jack Cheese: You'll never take me alive! I'll be back, you beg me! [Reverend Jack laughing riding a pig and drives off. A timecard says "4 Years Later".]

Ren [as Farmer]: Hello there, Mr. Cow.

Stimpy [as Cow]: Duhhh, moo Ren!

Ren: [giggles] Little tights is cutier ever. [The rock throws at Ren.]

Reverend Jack Cheese: Go back to the show copper, you horny hook nose STREETS!

Ren: So how are you going to do today, Mr. Cow? [throws a rock at Ren] OW!

Stimpy: Duhhh, Moo. I am fine, Ren. [throws a rock at Stimpy] OW! [The iris was closing completely at the end of the episode]

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