Ren and Stimpy: It's Our House Now! is a cancelled project by John Kricfalusi that was originally meant to be released as part of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run.



The short involved Sven and Stimpy having a great time watching SpongeBob SquarePants in TV, which angers Ren, who believes adult cartoons, such as "the Stimpsons" are more intelligent. SpongeBob made an announcement on TV that, coming to theaters this Christmas, he will be starring in his next Spongebob movie Sponge Out of Water.

During the Christmas season, Ren, Stimpy, and Sven all watch Sponge Out of Water at a movie theater, and when the movie is over, Ren begins crying, saying that it was a very beautiful cartoon, making him finally realize that even adults can find enjoyment in children’s media.

Stimpy gives Ren a sponge bath, which he is happy about, until he discovered Sven farted in his bathtub.


  • This was only made as an unfinished animatic, which was included as a special feature in a DVD copy of Cans Without Labels.
  • The short likely took place in 2014, and in this short, Sponge Out of Water was released in December 2014, which was originally meant to be the actual release date for the film, but in real life, it was released in February 2015.
  • Neither Billy West nor Eric Bauza had any involvement with the short due to refusing to work with John Kricfalusi, who lent his voice to all of the characters in the short.
  • "The Stimpsons" is a reference to and parody of The Simpsons, where John Kricfalusi worked on as a guest animator and made two couch gags.
  • The possible reason the short was cancelled was due to Paramount Pictures not wanting anything to do with the Ren and Stimpy series anymore. According to Bob Camp; "We actually pitched a Ren & Stimpy movie to Paramount, they wanted nothing to do with it. [Adult Party Cartoon] poisoned the well. I think it really left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. I had nothing to do with that one. And now, someone [at Paramount] doesn’t want anything to do with Ren & Stimpy.”
  • This short is from the song of the same name from the direct-to-video Disney 2002 film Mickey's House of Villains.

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