This is the Ren And Stimpy Wiki, a cartoon that started in 1991.

Please note that this is not about the new Ren and Stimpy cartoons, "Adult Party Cartoon".

Social conductEdit

Everyone is expected to behave themselves and to assume good faith. That is, be civil and assume that people are trying to help rather than hurt (unless, of course, faced with obvious vandalism, but even then you should still be polite towards the vandal). If it looks like an edit war might be starting, start a discussion on the article's talk page instead. No personal attacks, name calling, or anything like that.


  • Please use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Please fix the correct transcripts.

Article FormatEdit

Every page for an episode shall have these headings in this order:
Characters - if the episode contains only Ren and Stimpy, this section is not required.
Summary - A short synopsis of the plot. One to three sentences.
Plot - A detailed description of what happens in the episode.
Trivia - Interesting facts about the episode. Please refrain from writing about observations or speculation.

Optional sectionsEdit

Production Music
Gallery - Many pages have very large galleries that are on separate pages, which is then linked in the infobox.
Goofs/Errors - Can be combined with Trivia
Censorship - Please be factual.

Image naming conventionsEdit

Please be descriptive in your image names. A file named "screenshot3873249.jpg" is a very poor name indeed. "Ren slaps Stimpy.jpg" is much better.


Please avoid adding random or descriptive categories to pages. Categories are not adjectives; they are a way to organize pages on the wiki.

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