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"Ren's Retirement" is the eleventh episode of the third season of The Ren & Stimpy Show, and aired on April 2, 1994.



Strong, energetic, Ren's tenth birthday comes around. However, when Stimpy reminds him he's 70 in dog years, Ren becomes a crazy old coot and soon begins to plan for his death.  Eventually, Ren has himself buried in a coffin packed with all the amenities of a modern home, and even allows Stimpy to move in. Wilbur Cobb presides over the funeral, and Ren's tombstone reads "I'll thank you to not drag your butt over my grave". Ren and Stimpy enjoy their domestic afterlife, until their "next door neighbor", a giant worm (obviously based on "Fred Flintstone"), invites himself over for dinner.  By the end of dinner (and the episode), the worm leaves the coffin, with Ren and Stimpy being reduced to fleshless husks.


Production Music[]

Dog Water commercial:

  • Minuet – Ludwig Van Beethoven, Lee Ashley [OGM] (opening)
  • Water Music – George Frideric Handel, Lee Ashley [OGM] (dog water introduced)
  • Musette Madeleine – Roland Kovac (man pops the question)
  • Valse Moderne – George Fenton, John Leach (couple drinks dog water)
  • Water Music – George Frideric Handel, Lee Ashley [OGM] (ending)

Ren’s Retirement:

  • Dead March 2 – Alfred Kluten, Frederic Chopin (title card)
  • Am Dorfbrunnen A – Otto Sieben (opening)
  • Holiday Playtime – Cedric King-Palmer (Ren’s home)
  • Rescue – Cecil Milner (Ren rescues old lady under bus)
  • Holiday Playtime – Cedric King-Palmer (old lady is smitten with Ren)
  • For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow – Trevor Thornton (birthday cake)
  • Dramatic Impact (6) – Ivor Slaney (Ren learns he’s 70)
  • Trombone Slides – Dick Walter (Stimpy eating birthday cake)
  • Dramatic Cue (d) – Ronald Hanmer (“Seventy years old!”)
  • Gentle Nostalgic – Alan Braden (“There there now, dry those bloodshot eyes.”)
  • Our Mr. Meredith – Eric Winstone (Stimpy comforts Ren)
  • Night on Bald Mountain – Modest Mussorgsky (Ren’s visibly older)
  • Symphony No. 5, Movement 1 – Ludwig Van Beethoven (Ren looks at himself in the mirror)
  • Hollywood Romance – Peter Yorke (Ren decides to retire)
  • Folli the Foal – Andrew Fenner (Stimpy feeds Ren like a baby)
  • To Death or Glory – Laurie Johnson (Ren thinks he’s in a war)
  • Mists of Illusion - Gilbert Vinter (transition from Stimpy to kaiser)
  • Preussens Gloria – Joseph Kanz, Johann Gottfried Piefke (Ren thinks Stimpy is the kaiser)
  • Night on Bald Mountain – Modest Mussorgsky (“For the boys who didn’t make it!”)
  • Drama Link (k) – Hubert Clifford (Right before Stimpy says “There there, old paint.”)
  • Holidays – Ib Glindemann [OGM] (Stimpy tucks Ren into bed)
  • Turkey Trot – John Longmire (Ren and Stimpy playing golf)
  • Drama Link (i) – Hubert Clifford (Haggis McHaggis approaches)
  • March For Jeanie – John Fox (Haggis McHaggis stuffs golf clubs into Ren’s mouth)
  • Turkey Trot – John Longmire (“Well, Ren, what did I tell you?”)
  • Holiday Playtime – Cedric-King Palmer (more golf)
  • Heavenly Voices (b) – David Farnon (Ren looks into the sunset)
  • Dramatic String Effects 3 – John Fox (“I’m with you, pal.”)
  • Softly She Sleeps – Cedric King-Palmer (pan over to Bali-Hai Mortuary)
  • Dancing the Hula – Kapono Beamer (Bali-Hai Mortuary exterior)
  • It’s That Man Again – Michael North (coffin salesman)
  • Life or Death – Jack Beaver (Kowalski appears)
  • Kommissar Maigret – Gerhard Trede (description of cheapest coffin)
  • Starlight Revue – Alan Braden (best coffin available)
  • Longing For Home – David Bell (funeral)
  • Peter and the Wolf Overture- Cat’s Theme – Sergei Prokofiev (Wilbur Cobb introduced)
  • Funeral Music – Alfred Kluten (“Death… a subject I’M familiar with!”)
  • Workaday World – Jack Beaver (Stimpy joins Ren in the coffin)
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream – Funeral March – Felix Mendelssohn, Lee Ashley [OGM] (pan of coffin)
  • The Nutcracker- Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (people dragging their butt on Ren’s grave)
  • Slow Sax – Hans Conzelmann, Delle Haensch (interior of coffin)
  • Spindlelegs – Cedric King-Palmer (worm visitor at the door)

Billy the Beef Tallow Boy commercial:

  • Casual Acquaintance – Paul Deveruex (opening)
  • Bliss – Alec Gould (girl sad)
  • Variete 1 – Hans Conzelmann, Delle Haensch (Billy comes to life!)
  • Opening Fanfare – Eddie Warner (“I’m Billy the Beef Tallow Boy, that’s true!”)
  • Gay Time – Alan Perry (“Now I have a REAL friend to play with!”)
  • Billy the Beef Tallow Boy (“You Are What You Eat”) – Lynne Naylor, Chris Reccardi [Original composition]
  • Act One – Ib Glindemann [Capitol Records] (“Well I see my work here is done!”)
  • Merry as a Grig – Van Phillips (doing CPR on dad)


  • On current MTV airings, the "Dog Water" short isn't included.
  • Ren pulled his dentures out at the beginning of the episode, but in some parts of the episode, he still has teeth.
  • This episode was banned from the official Nickelodeon channel due to a really dark subject matter about death. Despite this, it has only aired on NickRewind and MTV.
  • In reality, 10 years old for small breeds of dogs like Ren is about 56 in human years.
  • The cake Stimpy carries (for Ren's birthday) has seven candles. But, when Ren looks at the cake in a close-up, there are ten candles. When Ren starts blowing the candles, there are six candles.
  • Despite that Ren swallowed a candle when blowing it, when Stimpy says: "Well, Aren't you gonna eat your cake, grandpa?", there are seven candles again.
  • When Ren and Stimpy are first shown, Stimpy is behind Ren in a wheelchair. But, when they are shown the second time, Stimpy is in front of Ren.
  • This is the first episode where Mrs. Buttloaves is voiced by Billy West.
  • The worm is a parody of Fred Flintstone.
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