Episode: Ren's Bitter Half
Ren's Bitter Half

[The episode begins at Stimpy's science center, he is making a genetic formula and checking the science and Ren sees the door.]

Narrator: It's midnight. Alone scientists works in the night. A sneaker of truth, employing with a very stuffed life! Rubber band, colored water, and sternal! Also apart, but when combine his the proper prepositions can create... A MONSTER!

Stimpy: [offscreen] EUREKA!

Ren: [opens the door] Alright, what the heck is going on here!?

Stimpy: I'm a genetic engineer, Ren. And I've been turning with a very fabric of life. Check it out.

[Ren shows Stimpy's three butts, Ren shocked, Close-up to Stimpy's three butts.

Stimpy: I got right behind it now.

[Ren's eyes are wide and gets angry to red and slap his face angrily.]

Stimpy: And I did it all with my new genetic recipe. The XB-49 gene splicing formulae!

[Ren grabs the formula.]

Ren: Stimpy, I'm thrilled that you made some soda pop. But, may I ask one question? HMM? [Ren and Stimpy nods "yes"] [yells at Stimpy] WHERE'S MY DAD GUM DINNER?!? Don't you know it's already 12 o'clock!?

Stimpy: REN, be careful with that!

[Ren looks at the formula and grins evilly.]

Ren: Oh, you wanna be careful with this stuff, huh? Well? What if I did... [shakes his formula] THIS?! [laughs maniacally]

Stimpy: REN, NOOOOO!!!!

[Ren stops shaking the formula, formula poofs and starts bubbling.]

Ren: Huh? WHAT THE?!?

[The formula was about to blow with green rings on it and splashes on Ren.]

Stimpy: REN!!

Ren: Hey, I don't have three butts! Okay.. EASY. I'm all..... RISING... AT.... ME!!!! [groans] What's... happening!? [Ren's eyes divide into two] STIMPY-y-y-AY-y-y-AY-y-Y!

[Lightning flashes at Ren, Stimpy's eyes are thundered. Ren tears his head and split into two, It explodes. Stimpy saw indifferent and evil Ren. Stimpy was panicking.]

Stimpy: EGADS!!! Ren's been split into his two opposite halves! His Evil side...

[Evil Ren evil giggles]

Stimpy: And his Indifferent side!

Indifferent Ren: Eh, so what?

[Stimpy looks at evil and indifferent Ren and gets an idea.]

Stimpy: Duh, OH JOY! Now I have two best friends!

[Evil Ren punches Indifferent Ren. Fades to the living room.]

Stimpy: Ren, would you like to stop hitting Ren and watch the cartoons? [Evil Ren punches Stimpy] Ren, wouldn't you like Ren to stop bulling you?

Indifferent Ren: Eh, who-

[Evil Ren punches Indifferent Ren.]

Stimpy: What's the matter, mean Ren? Are you tired for watching cartoons?

[Evil Ren nods "yes".]

Stimpy: Hey look! He's bringing the TV closer!

[Ren throws the TV at Stimpy and Indifferent Ren. Stimpy looks at Evil Ren. Evil Ren giggles evilly, knocking sound effect heard. Evil Ren sees Girl Scout.]

Evil Ren: Yes?

Girl Scout: Hello, would you like to buy some cookies?

[Ren grabs the cookies and starts eating, he chews and he spits it out and give a bag to Girl Scout.]

Evil Ren: No. [slams the door, Girl Scout was confused]

Stimpy: [deleted scene] Psst, Ren. I know your the real Ren, he never been THAT mean.

Indifferent Ren: Eh, whatever.

[Evil Ren plugs the TV and shocks Indifferent Ren and Stimpy. Evil Ren was so evil, giggles evilly. Fades to black. Fades to Stimpy and Indifferent Ren.]

Stimpy: Ren! Oh Evil Ren! I'm taking the apporatisty Ren for a walk! Do you wanna come? [pauses] Well, I guess it's just you and me, kid.

Indifferent Ren: Big deal.

[Evil Ren blocks the door with a hammer, giggles evilly. The timecard says "12 Hours Later." Cut to door.]

Stimpy: We're back for my walk and didn't we have fun. MMM-hmm. Well, it looks like somebody's been called like the busy little beaver. Oh Evil Ren! Oh, there you are.

[Evil Ren was on top of Danger Acid Bath, Evil Ren pulls the rope to pour the acid bath.]

Stimpy: I like this stuff. What are you-

[Evil Ren grabs the Stinky Wizzletreats record.]

Stimpy: My favorite record!

[Evil Ren drops the Stinky Wizzletreats record to the acid.]

Stimpy: Oh look, he's going for the swim. Hi, Stinky!

[Stinky Wizzletreats record disappears.]

Stimpy: Hey, Ren, he melted it!

[Evil Ren grabs Stimpy's mouse.]

Stimpy: MOUSEY! Be careful, Ren!

[Evil Ren drops the mouse to the acid, Mouse skin disappears and also skeleton.]

Stimpy: Mousey! MOUSEY! Mousey.... [sobs]

[Evil Ren whistles to Stimpy. Evil Ren was grabbing Stimpy's Litter box.]

Stimpy: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

[Evil Ren was about to drop the litter.]

Stimpy: No, Ren, NO! NO NO NO!!!!

Evil Ren: YES YES YES!!!

[Stimpy can't look and he's screaming and cuts to Evil Ren and Stimpy. Evil Ren drops the litter box.]

Stimpy: Uhhh.... my first... m-m-material p-possession, uhhh.. [faints]

[Evil Ren was holding his hand.]

Stimpy: That's not my Ren... not my Ren.... not.....

[Fades to black. Fades to Stimpy on the big chain.]

Stimpy: Not my Ren... not my... [opens his eyes, looks at Evil Ren making science.]

[Evil Ren giggles evilly.]

Stimpy: Ren?

Evil Ren: Let's see... Heeheehee.. [giggle evilly]

Stimpy: What's he doing? Say, that looks like... XB-49! AAAAAAHHH!!!! REN! REEEEN!!!!!

[Evil Ren looks at Stimpy.]

Stimpy: Listen to me, Ren! It doesn't matter when I have to be there like this! Can't you see? Without your indifferent side, you're losing control!

[Evil Ren frowns and confused.]

Stimpy: You and deadpan Ren need each other! You're two sides in a same hole!

[Evil Ren looks at Stimpy and he spits at Indifferent Ren.]

Stimpy: You his hen and he your... TANG! Without him, you only HAVE A MAN! CAN HAVE A MAN LIVE!? Let me help put you back together. I'll make it better. I promise.

[Evil Ren was sad.]

Evil Ren: Oh, maybe you're right. I have seen a part of myself with no man should have ever been. But you know what....... [excited] I LIKE IT!!!

[Evil Ren splashes XB-49 at himself and laughs maniacally.]

Stimpy: NO!

[Evil Ren is laughing maniacally.]

Announcer: But what they were TWO evil Rens, or TEN of them, or MILLONS of them!? My god, he left the entire army! Will be lead up to the next in Ren?

[Evil Ren was about to split in half.]

Announcer: Who knows would end complete and other collage!?

[Stimpy's eyes are thundered.]

Annoucer: The world would be DOOMED!

Octopus Ren: [creepy laugh maniacally]

[It explodes.]

Stimpy: OH NO! HE SPLIT AGAIN! Now he's Evil Ren, and hideously evil... Ren?

[Close-up to Hideously Evil Ren. Evil Ren looks Hideously evil Ren, he took a wild take and becomes love.]

Evil Ren: WOW! What a tomada!

[Stimpy frowns. Fades to Stimpy and Indifferent Ren wearing wedding outfits.]

Man: Do you beloved in. We're gathered today, the other Ren and retelling sightly channel to arama regularly doom. Dear Ren, do you take Ren to be the lorth darling wedding borns?

Evil Ren and Hideously evil Ren: I DO!

Man: I now pronounce you Man and clone. You may beat the bride.

[Hideously evil Ren punches Evil Ren. Hideously evil Ren and Evil Ren maniacally laughing ran to the car. The two are maniacally laughing at drives off.]

Stimpy: [gasps] Gosh, Ren. Isn't he just beautiful?

Indifferent Ren: Who cares.

[Stimpy and Indifferent Ren move away and crashing sound effect was heard and hats still appeared. The iris are closing completely at the end of the episode.]

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