Episode: Powdered Toast Man
Powdered Toast Man

[The episode begins with Powdered Toast Man.]

Narrator: Who is this stranger in the land? Why does he walk of a mortal man? What IS his mission!? WHERE CAN BE AVAILABLE UNDERSHORTS LIKE HIS?!? WHO IS THIS MAN OF TOAST?!? AND... WHAT DOES IT WANT FROM US?!? WHAT IS YOUR DARK SECRET?!?

Powdered Toast Man: SHUT UP!! If you ask me one more stupid question, I'll tear your skin off!

[Fades to the office.]

Narrator: This cool youth deacon, Powdered Toast Man. The Pastor, Powdered Toast Man works his day job as a goverment clerk. Only Powdered Toast Man's Fateful Assistant knows his dark secret.

Powdered Toast Man's Loveful Assistant: Ahem. Excuse me, father, but there's a distraction call her toast power communicator.

Powdered Toast Man: Thank you, my loveliest assistant. [puts the glasses off] Will evil never rest? I hope not.

Toast Caller: Calling Powdered Toast Man! Please respawn. Come in, Powdered Toast Man! [Powdered Toast Man calls at the toast caller]

Powdered Toast Man: Powdered Toast Man here. Mmm-hmm? Mmm-hmm. CRIPES! I'll get right on it! Leave everything to me! [Toast Caller will popping up to Powdered Toast Man and flew to the sky backwards.] POWDERED TOAST MAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: And so, Powdered Toast Man is off for another day of heroic adventure! [Powdered Toast Man looks at the cat and shocked.]

Powdered Toast Man: JIMMINY! [Cuts to cat walks on the street. Cat looks at the truck drives.]

Announcer: Encertainly, Powdered Toast Man ASSISTANCE SITUATION!

Powdered Toast Man: Leave everything to me! [looks around and gots an idea] This calls for raisin breath! [inhales, spits the raisin at the airplane. Truck was stopping at the cat. Airplane drops at the truck and the truck explodes. Cat was so happy.] POWDERED TOAST MAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! [Powdered Toast Man grabs the kitty and the crowd was cheering.]

Crowds: YAY, Powdered Toast Man! [cheering]

Powdered Toast Man: [laughs] [inflates and deflates his pants repeatedly] It's another distress call! [the pants will stop] No time to lose. [throws the kitty to the trash can, and flys it backwards] POWDERED TOAST MAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! [Powdered Toast Man flys at the Antarctica and lands in the house. Powdered Toast Man sees the window.] DANGER! [The Pope was all tied up and dynamite barrel too. Muddy Mudskipper (as villain) evil laughs] Don't make me go in there. [Toast powders are arrived at the door and Powdered Toast Man appears.] POWDERED TOAST MAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

The Pope: Hey, I'm saved!

Powdered Toast Man: Leave everything to me! [Muddy Mudskipper growls] Have a taste of your hyper-corrosive drutaons, harsh villain! [Armpits fires at the crust. Muddy Mudskipper screams. Powdered Toast Man fires the crust at Muddy Mudskipper.] Hold on, buddy. You'll be free in the chiffy [Powdered Toast Man unties the Pope and walks offscreen.]

The Pope: But Powdered Toast Man, what about Muddy Mudskipper?

Powdered Toast Man: Hmmm... I guess you're right. How thoughtless of me. [Powdered Toast Man grabs the Muddy Mudskipper and Muddy Mudskipper is so happy. Powdered Toast Man was about to fly off. Powdered Toast Man was tying Muddy Mudskipper and dynamite too. Powdered Toast Man flys off.] POWDERRRRRRED TOOOOOOOOOOAST MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!! [Muddy Mudskipper laughs maniacally. Cuts to Powdered Toast Man and The Pope. Explodes offscreen.]

The Pope: And... hold on! Wind intensivily. Too strong!

Powdered Toast Man: Quick, man! Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!

The Pope: Both of them? [The Pope was holding Powdered Toast Man's buttocks. Powdered Toast Man heard a phone call.]

Powdered Toast Man: Another distress call. [Powdered Toast Man has a phone on his tongue.]

Phone Girl: Calling Powdered Toast Man! Come in! Calling Powdered Toast Man!

Powdered Toast Man: Yes? Yes? Leave everything to me! [Powdered Toast Man's tongue put back on his mouth] Listen, something's come up. [Powdered Toast Man puts The Pope on his mountain.] Sorry Mac, but I've got to attend to something REALLY important. [flys to the sky, winds on Toast powder and Powdered Toast Man appears.] POWDERED TOAST MAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Hello fellas. What seems to be the trouble?

Ren and Stimpy: We're all out of powdered toast!

Powdered Toast Man: Leave everything to me! [Powdered Toast Man has two head toast crust. Powdered Toast Man curves his toast crumbs at Ren and Stimpy's plate. Ren and Stimpy was so excited. Powdered Toast Man winks and flys off. Ren and Stimpy eats his toast and he both thinks that what it taste like. Ren looks at Stimpy. The wind blows harder and Powdered Toast Man appears.] I'm sorry, fellas. I almost forgot. [Powdered Toast Man farts on his toast and he flys off. Ren and Stimpy tries to eat the toast and he both thinks that what it taste like. Ren and Stimpy was so happy and nods "yes". Fades to Powdered Toast Man. Powdered Toast Man crust are winding away to the sky.] My toast particles are dissipating! That can be only need one thing. A call from Washington. [Fades to the White House. Powdered Toast Man zooms in the White House. Powder Toast winds in and Powdered Toast Man appears.] POWDERED TOAST MAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!! Mr. President, what seems to be the trouble?

President: I'm caugh in my own zipper! [Powdered Toast Man smiles at the viewers.]

Powdered Toast Man: Hee hee hee, leave everything to me. [Powdered Toast Man use the string.] Any time you ready, Mr. President.

President: Okay. PULL! [Powdered Toast Man slams the door and zipper.] YOW!! Ughh... [President heads down. Powdered Toast Man looks at the President.] OH, THANK YOU, POWDERED TOAST MAN!

Narrator: And the president goes to recovery! But what shall have we been doing America? Who will run the country?

Powdered Toast Man: Leave everything to me! [Powdered Toast Man do the sworn with his friends.]

Narrator: And Powdered Toast Man is sworn into office.

Powdered Toast Man: [being sworn in as President] I, Powdered Toast Man, do solemnly swear to relieve the American citizens of their basic human rights. [waves his hand and the crowd was cheering, Fades to Powdered Toast Man's office. Lovely assistant was writing.] Lovely assistant, take a letter. The Letter M. Furthermore, let's hold up talk to the gremlin totally saddle the new three stooges step conversey. Personally, my vote goes with Champ. Although, courantly, he certainly not thing to take likely. [Lovely assistant was all finished] And that'll be all thing for one. Well, I guess that take care of the day's business. Man, this job is too coshy for me. [The wind blows. Powdered Toast Man shivers.] Brrr, much chilly in here. Ahhh, here's the problem. The fire is died down. Let's see... We need something dry here. [gots an idea] Here's your dusty ol' papers. [Powdered Toast Man blows the dust out. Powdered Toast Man sees The Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States. Powdered Toast Man wraps up and set the fire.] Ahhh, that's much better.[Powdered Toast Man marrys lovely assistant. Powdered Toast Man has sausage and her lovely assistant has marshmallow]

[The iris was stopping at the marshmallow]

Narrator: The End!

[The iris was closing completely at the end of the episode]

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