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"Powdered Toast Man" is the second episode of season 2 of The Ren & Stimpy Show, which aired on August 15, 1992.



Powdered Toast Man begins another day of heroic adventure. First he attempts to save a kitten from being run over by a truck by causing a plane to crash, hitting the truck and blowing it up. Unfortunately, he then throws the cat away and it is implied that it is hit by a car afterward. He then rescues the pope from Muddy Mudskipper, whom is trying to blow him up. After rescuing the pope, Powdered Toast Man ties Muddy to the barrel of TNT, causing him to be blown up. Powdered Toast Man then goes to Ren and Stimpy's house to replenish their supply of powdered toast. Afterward, he has to help the president whom has his privates caught in his zipper. Powdered Toast Man's method of saving him leaves him unable to work. Therefore, the hero is put in charge of the country. Whilst in office, he uses a collection of dusty old papers to start a fire in the fireplace (including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights). The episode ends with him and his secretary roasting a sausage and a marshmallow over the fire.


  • The pope is voiced by Frank Zappa, while Powdered Toast Man is voiced by Gary Owens.
  • Technically, Powdered Toast Man shouldn't have been able to cover for the President's absence, as usually that honor goes to the Vice President, or Speaker of the House if the latter is incapacitated.
  • This is the first episode to credit Richard Pursel.
  • It's implied that Powdered Toast Man injured at least 50 people while trying to save the kitten.
  • The plane pauses for a moment before hitting the truck.
  • It appears that the plane's pilot loses an arm.
  • This episode caused a lot of controversy when it first aired. As a result, Nickelodeon only aired the original unedited version once. When the episode finally re-ran on February 13, 1993, several edits were made. References to the Pope were removed and Frank Zappa's character is instead referred to as "The Funny Little Man in the Pointy Hat". Also, a scene where Powdered Toast Man burns the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights for warmth has been changed to generic "dusty old papers".
  • This episode is the first in which Ren and Stimpy have a minor role, appearing only in one scene and having only two lines each.
  • Because of PTM’s entrance at Ren and Stimpy’s house, that moment contained flashing images which could give some viewers some seizures a la Pokémon‘s “Dennō Senshi Porygon” episode in 1997.
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