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"Out West" is an episode of the second season.



Abner and Ewalt need someone to hang, so they hire Ren and Stimpy to steal Mr. Horse.


  • This is the first aired episode of the series to be animated using digital ink and paint. ("Man's Best Friend" would've been the first if it hadn't been banned.) The first in production order to be animated using this technique is "Man's Best Friend".
  • This episode features a lyrical song: "The Lord Loves A Hangin".
  • The Jeopardy jingle plays twice in this episode.
  • This is the only episode made by Carbunkle Cartoons that was directed by Bob Camp.


  • On reruns and the DVDs, Ewalt's last line in the Hanging song; "Ya'll bring the kids now ya hear!" is cut. However, the bit was reinstated on the TNN/Spike TV rerun. It can be viewed here.
  • A brief shot of Abner and Ewalt throwing nooses around their necks that plays while before and during the song (Plays when they say "So get yourself a lasso and decorate your neck" and the footage is substituted with reused footage of Stimpy stomping his foot at the beginning of the song.) is trimmed in most versions of the episode. This edit, like the other one, is also corrected on the TNN/Spike TV version.

The censored shot of Abner and Ewalt with nooses around their necks.

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