How you fellers doin? Beautiful day isn't it? Boy, it sure is nice to find other guys who are comfortable with their nakedity like me!
―Old Man Hunger in "The Great Outdoors"

Old Man Hunger is a recurring character in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Old Man Hunger jump

Preparing to jump in the water.

Physical Description

He's balding and has a long gray beard, with a chicken drumstick on his head and a bandage on his buttocks. Sometimes, he has several flowers covering his private parts.


He is oftentimes portrayed as a creepy old man. He enjoys being naked, being absolutely comfortable with it and enjoys 'skinny' activities. He is oftentimes helpful, although his help isn't always helpful.

Episode Appearances

He first appears in "Big House Blues" as the narrator says, "And Old Man Hunger was gnawing at their bellies," which he was literally doing.

In "Ren's Toothache", he makes an a appearance as the nerve ending fairy and then gives Ren no money but a hairball

In "Big Baby Scam," he makes an appearance as Mr. Pipe's father lying in the bath tub whistling at Ren and Stimpy, although the scene is oftentimes censored.

His most prominent appearance was in "The Great Outdoors" as a forest ranger. He first appears to put out Ren when he catches on fire but he does it too roughly. Later, he comes in to join the duo when they go skinny-dipping, but they are uncomfortable with his nudity and he invites his mother Mrs. Buttloaves to join him. At the end of the episode, after Ren catches beaver fever from drinking contaminated water, Ren beats Stimpy with his tail and Old Man Hunger, having already drank the water, joins Ren.


  • In "The Great Outdoors" whenever he appeared most of the time, Peer Grynt's 'In The Hall of the Mountain King' would accompany him. This song is the leitmotif of Peter Lorre's film, M.
    • According to John K. this served as his inspiration for him voicing Ren.
  • On the DVD, Old Man Hunger's whistle is oftentimes censored, as John K. recorded an original tune, but Games Animation made him whistle "In the Hall of the Mountain King." After John K. managed to get the rights for the episode, he had Nickelodeon cut the scene.


  • "I smell somethin' stinky!"
  • "I just LOVE skinny-stompin."
  • "I just LOVE skinny-slappin."
  • "I just LOVE skinny-dippin."
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