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"Nurse Stimpy" is the fourth episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show. It originally aired as the second part of Episode 2 of Season 1 on August 25, 1991.



Ren gets sick, and Stimpy cares for him.


When Stimpy wakes up and finds out that Ren is sick, he promises to make him feel better as Nurse Stimpy. First of all, Stimpy takes a few tests on Ren like takes a blood pressure test, inflating and deflating Ren.

Next, Ren is supposed to take medicine. Stimpy brings a large spoon and gives him the medicine, which Ren dislikes and tells Stimpy, "That's some icky-tasting stuff! What is that anyway?" Stimpy shows the label which reads "All purpose icky-tasting medicine". Four months later, Ren is still sick and Stimpy notices something smelly and points to Ren, who hasn't washed in weeks, so Stimpy gives him a sponge bath.

Stimpy tells Ren to take off his fur so he can get clean. However, Ren refuses. Stimpy then tries to take off Ren's fur himself, which terrifies Ren and he says he'll take it off himself. In the bathtub, Ren starts to appreciate what Stimpy is doing but says that he feels embarrassed by Stimpy washing him and Stimpy tells him no one can see him. However, Mr. Horse and others in the window witness the whole thing.

The next morning, Stimpy gives Ren breakfast in bed. Ren is very thankful for it, apologizing to Stimpy for always being mean. Stimpy gives him the newspaper and he sees an article saying "Ren Hoek takes bubbly sponge bath!! Hundreds witness soapy scenario!" which causes Ren to faint and enter into a total relapse. After several tries and days Ren still isn't feeling better and Stimpy goes crazy about all the things he done for Ren, such as hooking him up to machines, bottle-feeding him, and staying with him all hours of the night. Then one morning, Ren wakes up cured, and Stimpy is now sick from trying to cure Ren. Ren is at first shocked but his shock turns to glee as he changes into Nurse Ren, determined to make Stimpy better. Stimpy looks into the camera, afraid.

Goodbye Segment

After Ren says goodbye, we are introduced to Stimpy's Magic Nose Goblins for the first time.

Production Music 

  • Nutcracker – Trepak – Peter Tchaikovsky (title card)
  • Symphony #6 "Pastoral" – 1st Mvt. – Ludwig Beethoven, Fiachra Trench (morning)
  • Domestic Fun (c) – Ernest Tomlinson (alarm clock rings)
  • Symphony #6 "Pastoral" – 1st Mvt. – Ludwig Beethoven, Fiachra Trench ("Oh joy of joys!")
  • Drama Link (b) – Hubert Clifford (Stimpy revealing Ren under the covers)
  • Kiss of Fire (a) – David Bradnum, Bob Weston (Ren's symptoms up close)
  • Lighting the Fuse (b) – Dick Walter (Stimpy gets an idea)
  • First Night – Robert Earley, Clyde Hamilton ("Nurse Stimpy to the rescue!")
  • Scheherazade – Prince Kalender – Nikolai Rimsky Korsakoff ("Now just relax and don’t worry about a thing.")
  • Limelight Waltz – Albert Marland (Stimpy putting on surgical gloves)
  • Screw on the Loose – Tony Lowry (blood pressure test)
  • Hollywood Holiday – Frank Samuels (Ren drinking medicine)
  • The March of the Ants – Sidney Crooke (spleen flensing)
  • Tom Fool – Van Phillips (Stimpy carrying Ren into the bathroom)
  • Hollywood Romance – Peter Yorke ("Back off, man!")
  • Fully Fashioned – George French (Ren’s bath)
  • Shock Horror (a) – Dick Walter (people watching through window)
  • Holiday Playtime – Cedric Palmer (Ren’s temperature)
  • Dramatic Impact 5 – Ivor Slaney (newspaper headlines)
  • Mists of Illusion – Gilbert Vinter (calendar)
  • Heavy Affliction – Cedric Palmer (Stimpy clearly distressed)
  • Stormy Passage – Cedric Palmer (Stimpy going crazy)
  • Drama Link (n) – Hubert Clifford (morning)
  • Symphony #6 "Pastoral" – 1st Mvt. – Ludwig Beethoven, Fiachra Trench (Ren wakes up)
  • Kiss of Fire (a) – David Bradnum, Bob Weston (Stimpy is sick)
  • First Night – Robert Earley, Clyde Hamilton ("Now it's MY turn!")


  • Around morning when the episode starts, Stimpy is checking on Ren after seeing him not looking so good. He pulls his eyelid up high, but, during a zoom-in, it appears he's holding the eyelid lower.
  • Exactly how Ren recovered from the relapse is unknown, especially because it was very serious.

Stimpy's skirt miscoloured red

  • In one scene when Stimpy tries to pick up Ren from the bed, his skirt is red instead of white.
  • John K. was embarrassed by the number of mistakes in this episode and the overall poor quality. He refused to put his name in the credits, and is therefore listed as "Raymond Spum" under director. He was also unable to do many jokes due to Nickelodeon's Standards and Practices. One such joke being Stimpy bringing in a giant leech, named Dr. Leech, to heal Ren.
  • In this episode when Ren is given a bath by Stimpy, he takes off all his fur. But in "Space Madness", when he takes a bath, he doesn't take off his fur.
  • Also in this episode, Ren is nervous about taking off his fur, directed by Stimpy for a bath, but in "The Great Outdoors", it’s the Skinny Dipping scene instead.
  • This episode and "Stimpy's Fan Club" feature many similarities. Both are 'secret cartoons' and feature an oath. Several gags are reused, such as Stimpy telling Ren that nobody will see him, only to pan to a camera and show a group of shocked onlookers that include Mr. Horse.
  • In the newspaper mentioning that Ren takes a sponge bath, Ren's last name, Höek, doesn't have the umlaut on the O. 
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