The Nerve Ending Fairy comes at night to collect nerve endings that have been placed under a pillow.

Physical Description

The Nerve Ending Fairy bears a resemblance to Old Man Hunger in terms of appearance and voice. He wears a blonde wig with a golden tiara and a translucent green dress, with his wings being green as well. He paints his nails red.


He makes his only appearance in "Ren's Toothache", After Ren disregards Stimpy's advice to take care of his dental hygiene, his teeth fall out. Stimpy then tells him the legend of the Nerve Ending Fairy: if Ren were to pull out the nerve endings of his teeth and put them under his pillow, the Nerve Ending Fairy would come as he sleeps and leave money under his pillow, which he could use to buy new teeth. Soon enough, Ren does this and the Nerve Ending Fairy comes. However he is out of money and instead decides to give Ren pocket lint before leaving. Ren is devastated, but Stimpy decides to give him one of his own teeth, which he uses instead.


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