Mrs. Buttloaves is a recurring female character in the series known for her hilarious appearance.


She is an incredibly obese, homely middle-aged woman dressed in a bulging pink nightgown and hair curlers. On several occasions, she can be seen wearing a pink dress.

Episode Appearances

She originated in "Fire Dogs" as it was her apartment that caught fire and she threw her giant baby and various pets for Ren and Stimpy to catch (Including Mr. Horse), until she finally asks them to save her. After Ren faints, she climbs onto the ladder on her own with him in her mouth and the pair safely back it back onto the ground and awakens him with CPR. She appears at the end of the episode, waiting for her turn to urinate on Ren and Stimpy's fire hydrant helmets.

She's appeared many times since then, usually in cameos such as when she appeared as the mother of Old Man Hunger who invited her to go skinny dipping with him in "The Great Outdoors".

She appears in "An Abe Divided" as a tourist at the Lincoln Memorial.

In "Jerry the Bellybutton Elf" she appears along with the other recurring characters at Ren's party, dancing with Sven Hoek.


Although in "Fire Dogs" she was in need of help from a house fire, she had shown an amount of bravery when she managed to take hold of Ren and get down on the ladder. Also, in one episode she marries a disembodied head after he falls on her noggin from the sky with Stimpy. Like her son, she doesn't mind being naked in front of other people. She is also shown to be very friendly and sociable, as in "Jerry the Bellybutton Elf" she was shown dancing with Sven.


  • Her baby from "Fire Dogs" may not have been born in wedlock since she got married in "Bellhops".
  • Mrs. Buttloaves could be around her late 70's since she is the mother of Old Man Hunger.
  • Mrs. Buttloaves makes a cameo in the Adult Party Cartoon episode "Fire Dogs 2" although she had no lines.
  • She lives in a hotel in "Bellhops" but an apartment in "Fire Dogs"; she moves a lot.
  • She appears to know CPR, as shown in her first appearance.


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