Mr. Noggin is a character on The Ren & Stimpy Show.


For unknown reasons, he is without a body, so he lives his life as a recluse. Until Ren, who is a bellhop in his hotel building, is offered one million dollars by a mysterious figure to take a photograph of Noggin. Ren is thwarted by Stimpy, who is protecting Noggin's identity out of the kindness of his heart. Noggin gives Stimpy one million dollars for his thoughtfulness. He falls in love with Mrs. Buttloaves after meeting her that day, and they are immediately married.


He is a disembodied head with black hair, and a black mustache. He has a rather plump face, with a reddish-colored nose, a pronounced cleft chin, and large, black eyes.


He is a very private man, who stays in his penthouse most of the time. This is because he is embarrassed about not having a body.

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