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"Magical Golden Singing Cheeses" is the 8th episode of Season 4.



Renwaldo and Stimpleton are starving, and go to great lengths to eat some magic cheese.


Long ago, Renwaldo and Stimpleton were hot and very hungry. Renwaldo then tells Stimpleton to trade the family chigger for some food. So, young Stimpleton leaves to find some food. Then, he comes upon the Man-Eating Village Idiot. He takes the chigger and eats it. He says to Stimpleton he can't have food, but says he can have the Magical Golden Singing Cheeses IF he beats M.E.V.I. in a stupid-off. Stimpleton wins, and the cheeses float to Stimpy as the M.E.V.I. dies of stupidity. Stimpleton goes back home and gives Renwaldo the cheeses. He sniffs them and tells Stimpleton to bury them. He goes to bury them but while he is digging a hole, he hits a little stump, which is really a cyclops' head. He asks what the cheeses are, and Stimpleton says that they are shoes. So the cyclops puts them on his bare feet. Later on, Renwaldo says he'll die if he doesn't eat, so he tells Stimpleton to go and get the cheese. When he does, the cyclops is sleeping. But the cheeses are starting to rot. Stimpleton gets out a crowbar and tries to pry off the cheese. But he digs between the cyclops' skin and toenail and takes the toenail off. The cyclops wakes up screaming in agonized pain. Stimpleton tells the cyclops that he and Renwaldo want to eat the rotting cheese. He then trades the giant his kidney for the cheeses. The cyclops gives him the cheese. Renwaldo smells them back at home and he vomits. They both bite them and then break the curse of the cheeses: the cheese turn into the Magical Milk Curd Princesses. Renwaldo and Stimpleton are forced to marry the princesses, and then die of hunger.



  • The episode was originally written by John K. and Jim Gomez for season 1 at Spümcø but was rejected. However, during Season 4, they came across the story and heavily reworked the episode, with John K. left uncredited for the story alone. According to John himself, it was "mostly the same except it was "slower" than preferred, plus the giant underground was originally going to be a Lummox that was mostly cramped in space instead".
  • Ren and Stimpy were also called Renwaldo and Stimpleton in a later episode, "Egg Yölkeo", which is a parody of the classic Italian fairy tale and 1940 animated Disney film adaptation of Pinocchio.
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