Episode: Lumber Jerks
Lumber Jerks

[The episode begins at the Lumberville. Stimpy was walking.]

Stimpy: Study off cheese of course. [Stimpy throws the backpack and breaks the window. Stimpy was writing] Ahh-ha? Oh Ren, it's build collecting time.

Ren: Yeah? How does deadbeat going?

Stimpy: Let's see... it's unpaid bills come to... 1200 in change!

Ren: WHAT?!? Oh! The legment, eh? I'll take care of this free loader. Uhhh, what's his name?

Stimpy: Uhhh... Champees Roateair. [Ren was scared]

Ren: The Air lumberjacks? That crazy Frenchman is nearly kill me last time!

Stimpy: For shame, Ren. Didn't not take a paperboys oath?

Ren and Stimpy: In the rain or an dog, no stink of cheese shall stay these corridors from the swork of glory of these yellow head scrolls of journalist decildes. [Fades to woodhouse. Ren knocks the door.]

Pierre: Who dusturbs Pierre?! Oh, the little pepper babies.

Ren: It's the matter of the bill, Mr. Jackity sir. [Pierre grabs Ren]

Pierre: Aww, how cute. Ookala boosh. Volia! [Ren chews the bill.] Easy, dusty mini.

Ren: MMm-hmm?

Pierre: Oh, look at you. You little mosquito. So skinny and split it up. And your bloated little piggy. Tsk tsk. Why don't you be a lumberjack and be a man, like my wife! Feebie! [Feebie are strongly pull the wood out.]

Ranger: Yeah, the lumberjack!

Pierre: So, what are ya say, boys?

Stimpy: Come on, Ren. I'll be a man, like this lady! [chuckles]

Ren: Okay okay.

Pierre: BOH! VOLNZEE! TOO SWEET! [Pierre, Ren and Stimpy was riding on the log.] The less so, No gah oh! This is a TREE! People stay to be here. Jack, why do you cut down the trees? Are they not? [kisses] Graybell? [Pierre nods "Yes" and they both does.] NO!!! These people are WOODS!!! They do not know to turn our struggle of mindless WOOD. The tree is a dangerous and crafty devil. You must stay away from them. The timber, she will... charge if spooked! [Pierre roars at Ren and Stimpy] And the top of that... it had an Allie. He's gone we bleh. THEY MURDER US! Spiney TREETOPISLOBSER!!! Watch out to this little fellow. He will defend his tree to the death. And when he gets his claw on you, you'll never.. NEVER LET GO! [Pierre was squeezing tightly at Ren's head.] Tricker day, this one are my silky day. HO HO HO HO! Now to busy lumberjack, you must first find the tree. And this book will help you. And I want you to digest every page. [Pierre put the manual on Stimpy's mouth]

Stimpy: Mmmm, kilpy.

Pierre: So, now go get some street! TO STREET! [Fades to Ren and Stimpy are walking in the desert. Ren and Stimpy are sweating.]

Ren: We've been searching for miles. And I still don't see those stinkin' trees! I say we go back to be paperpoised.

Pierre: [offscreen] WHAT?!? Shame on you! A lumberjack never says dies! What a couple of pigs!

Stimpy: Oh boy, we have week to arrive beavers.

Pierre: Cut down the tree and you will beat up your eyeballs in them! Hi ho, beaver, away! [dashs away] [Ren and Stimpy are still sweating.]

Ren: [pants] I don't know how much longer I can go on, man. HEY! Stimpy, is THAT a tree? [Ren and Stimpy sees the tree]

Stimpy: Duhh, hang on Ren. I'll check the book. [Stimpy punches his stomach of himself]

Ren: Hmmm, let's see now... Yep, there's the tree alright.

Ren and Stimpy: A TREE! LET'S CUT DOWN! [stops]

Stimpy: Oh no, Ren! Look, It's a baby tree. [Beaver eats the tree. Ren and Stimpy smiles. Beaver smiles and burps the wood at Ren and Stimpy. The bird cheeps at the nest. Fades to Ren and Stimpy was crawling.]


Stimpy: Duhh, hold on Ren. I'll check the book again.

Ren: Hey buddy, let me give you a hand.

Stimpy: Be my best, pal of mine. [Ren punches Stimpy. Ren has a paper.] Well?

Ren: It's a forest. How are we ever gonna find any trees with this stupid forest in the way? I mind as we go home and be handed John, predical my appears. A point, you say. Oh, look. Look at that LONGEST TREES! [sobs] And never laughed. [Ren bonks the tree] STIMPY! IT'S A TREE!

Stimpy: [gasps] Hey Ren, are you sure you're about Spiney Tree lobster gets us?

Ren: Ah, Jacques just made that up to scare us. [Ren and Stimpy are sawing tree. A timecard says "3 hours later". Ren and Stimpy was relieved.] Man, this is tough going. Huh? No wonder, this stupid tree is full of WOOD! That'll throw up something easier to cut. Let a... Peperine to put a- Eh? [Ren takes a wild take.]

Lobster: Oh, a tree killer, eh? I'll murder you. But first, I'm gonna teach you a lesson. [Ren was running. Lobster stabs Ren.] Come with me, ya moron. I want to show you something. This next here is Mr. and Mrs. homelock make it at home. [Ren looks the two bees are in the bed.

Bee: Hey buddy, You really like when you see? Huh? HUH!? Will you just stand right here. I'll give you something to look at! [Bee stings Ren's eye. Cuts to Lobster. Ren screams offscreen.]

Lobster: Come on, Futto. I've got something else to show ya. Here we have a rare and beautiful creature hibitat you threaten. The baldness beak horn blower. Known as the enormous beak and unusual horning call. [Beak horn blower blows the big horn at Ren.] Come on, you chowderhead. I'll have one last thing to show you. My nest. And the beautiful lobster lying chicks.

Ren: Ohhh, they're so cute. You must awfully proud of the little nibbers. [chuckles] [Baby Lobsters snaps Ren's head.]

Lobster: So, Mr. BIG shot lumberjerk, what did you learned about the nature today?

Ren: What have I learned today?! I'll show you what have I learned today! [chuckles] Yeah, I... Ren Hoek, learned Nature can be cruel, but I can be crueler! [laughs maniacally] KILL THE TREE! KILL THE TREE! KILL! KILL! [laughs evilly, Ren kills the tree] I love being a lumberjack!

Stimpy: Ren, how could you!?

Ren: [mocking like Stimpy] Reenn, how could you? [normal voice] You think being a lumberjack is short little creatures home?

Stimpy: Yeah, his home. [Lobster grabs Ren again]

Lobster: [angry] Why, you... you.... [happy] LUMBERJACK! [kisses Ren] Oh, my hard swell of pride. [Pierre puts off the lobster helmet.]

Pierre: Congratulation, you pass the test. Now you are... A REAL LUMBERJACK! But let me show you how you really harms the tree. We don't sues him down anymore, we blow them up. Soti Pret... LE FEU!!! [explodes] Well, work's over. What should we? Just us go to see my lumberjack club and unwind. [Cuts to Clublog] We lumberjacks always top of the hard day's work, we got hot dip in the riverine whirlpool. I will mindly to eat. Well, how do you like the whirlpool, eh?

Ren: Nice pool.

Stimpy: But, where's the whirl?

Pierre: That's the riverine club. Okay boys, time to get to work. [Two dogs are agreed and dives in the water.] And now... RIVERINE!!! [The water whirlpools at Pierre, Ren and Stimpy. Ren and Stimpy screams while Pierre was laughing. The iris was closing completely at the end of the episode.]

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