The following is a list of home video releases, sorted by medium. Episodes of The Ren & Stimpy Show have been released on VHS, DVD, Laserdisc and PSP.

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The following is a list of Ren & Stimpy DVDs. This list includes The Best of Ren & Stimpy DVDs, Season DVDs, as well for The Lost Episodes.


Cover Title Release date
61cubCEQZoL SL500 AA300
The Best of Ren & Stimpy September 15, 2003
Contains: Disc 1: Stimpy's Big Day, The Big Shot!, Rubber Nipple Salesmen, Sven Höek, Dog Show, Powdered Toast Man

Disc 2: Fire Dogs, The Littlest Giant, Out West, Marooned, Untamed World, The Boy Who Cried Rat, Big House Blues

Disc 3: Black Hole, Stimpy's Invention, Ren's Toothache, Robin Höek, Nurse Stimpy, The Great Outdoors, In The Army

The Lost Episodes July 18, 2006
Contains: Disc 1: Onward and Upward, Ren Seeks Help, Fire Dogs 2

Disc 2: Naked Beach Frenzy, Altruists, Stimpy's Pregnant

Season box setsEdit

Cover Title Release date
The First and Second Season (Uncut) October 19, 2004
Contains: Disc 1: Stimpy's Big Day, The Big Shot!, Robin Höek, Nurse Stimpy, Space Madness, The Boy Who Cried Rat, Fire Dogs, The Littlest Giant, Marooned, Untamed World, Black Hole, Stimpy's Invention

Disc 2: Ren's Toothache, Rubber Nipple Salesmen, Sven Höek, Haunted House, Mad Dog Hoek, In The Army, Big House Blues, Big Baby Scam, Dog Show, Man's Best Friend

Disc 3: Monkey See, Monkey Don't, Powdered Toastman, Fake Dad, Out West, Stimpy's Fan Club, The Great Outdoors, The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball, A Visit To Anthony, The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, Son of Stimpy

NOTE: Although it says it's uncut, some episodes are actually missing a few scenes.

Seasons Three and a Half-ish
Seasons Three and a Half-ish June 28, 2005
Contains: Disc 1: To Salve And Salve Not, No Pants Today, A Yard Too Far, Circus Midgets, Ren's Pecs, An Abe Divided, Stimpy's Cartoon Show, Jimminy Lummox, Bass Masters

Disc 2: Ren's Retirement, Jerry the Bellybutton Elf, Road Apples, Hard Times for Haggis, Eat My Cookies, Ren's Bitter Half, Lair Of The Lummox, Hermit Ren

Disc 3: House of Next Tuesday, A Friend in Your Face!, Blazing Entrails, Lumber Jerks, Prehistoric Stimpy, Farm Hands, Magical Golden Singing Cheeses, A Hard Day's Luck, I Love Chicken, Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman, It's a Dog's Life, Egg Yölkeo

Season Five And Some More of Four
Season Five and Some More of Four September 20, 2005
Contains: Disc 1: Double Header, The Scotsman in Space, Pixie King, Aloha Höek, Insomniac Ren, My Shiny Friend, Cheese Rush Days, Wiener Barons, Galoot Wranglers, Ren Needs Help!

Disc 2: Ol' Blue Nose, Stupid Sidekick Union, Superstitious Stimpy, Travelogue, Space Dogged, Feud For Sale, Hair of the Cat, City Hicks, Stimpy's Pet, Ren's Brain, Bell Hops, Dog Tags

Disc 3: I Was a Teenage Stimpy, Who's Stupid Now?, School Mates, Dinner Party, Pen Pals, Big Flakes, Terminal Stimpy, Reverend Jack, A Scooter for Yaksmas, Sammy and Me, The Last Temptation

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The following is a list of Ren & Stimpy VHS tapes.


Cover Title Release date
Volume 1: The Classics August 31, 1993

Contains: Space Madness, Stimpy's Invention, Untamed World

Volume 2: The Stupidest Stories August 31, 1993

Contains: Stimpy's Big Day, The Big Shot!, Robin Höek

Volume 3: The Stinkiest Stories August 31, 1993

Contains: Ren's Toothache, The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball, Nurse Stimpy

100px-RenAndStimpy Xmas VHS 1994
Have Yourself a Stinky Little Christmas September 21, 1993 (original release);

October 8, 1997 (Paramount reissue)

Contains: Son of Stimpy, Big Flakes (Paramount release only)

On Duty January 11, 1994

Contains: In The Army, The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen

In Disguise March 22, 1994

Contains: Fire Dogs, Monkey See, Monkey Don't, The Boy Who Cried Rat

More Stinky Stories May 31, 1994

Contains: Mad Dog Hoek, A Yard Too Far, Big Baby Scam*edited. Family bath sequence is cut.

The Classics II August 30, 1994

Contains: Svën Höek, Stimpy's Fan Club

Incredibly Stupid Stories VHS
Incredibly Stupid Stories March 21, 1995

Contains: An Abe Divided, Jimminy Lummox, Rubber Nipple Salesmen

As Stinky as They Wanna Be VHS
As Stinky As They Wanna Be August 8, 1995

Contains: Lair Of The Lummox, Farm Hands

Ren and Stimpy-Nothing But Shorts
Nothing But Shorts February 20, 1996

Features the following short interstitial segments: "Log", "Ask Dr. Stupid: Parent Aliens", "Beautiful Hair Log", "My Little Brother Doll", "Ask Dr. Stupid: Camel", "Sugar Frosted Milk", "Ask Dr. Stupid: Beans", "Log and Accessories", "Action Log", "Powdered Toastman: Kids", "Sugar Sod Pops", "World Crisis with Mr. Horse", "Flod", "Dog Water", "Cheesefist", "Chicken in a Drawer", "Field Guides", "You Are What You Eat: Billy the Beef Tallow Boy", "Dog Water 2", "Varicose Veins", and "Craftwork Corner: Stimpy Kadoogan".

Ren & Stimpy Ren's Brain VHS
Ren's Brain (United Kingdom) June 23, 1997

Contains: Ren's Pecs, Ren's Retirement, Ren's Brain, Insomniac Ren, The Last Temptation

Ren & Stimpy For the Love of Stimpy VHS
For the Love of Stimpy (United Kingdom) August 11, 1997

Contains: I Love Chicken, Stimpy's Cartoon Show, I Was a Teenage Stimpy, Ol' Blue Nose

Ren & Stimpy Space Madness VHS
Space Madness (United Kingdom) August 1997

Contains: Space Madness, Marooned, Black Hole, The Scotsman in Space, Space Dogged

The Essential Collection

120px-Ren and Stimpy Essential Collection Laserdisc

June 27, 1995

The Essential Collection is a Ren & Stimpy Laserdisc that contains 5 episodes from The Classics and The Classics II. This is the only Ren & Stimpy Laserdisc ever released.


Side OneEdit

  1. Stimpy's Invention
  2. Breakfast Tips
  3. Untamed World
  4. Log
  5. Space Madness

Side TwoEdit

  1. Svën Höek
  2. Action Log
  3. Stimpy's Fan Club

Volume 1: The First Ten Cartoons

RenAndStimpy FirstTenCartoons UMD

September 20, 2005

Volume 1: The First Ten Cartoons is a Ren & Stimpy PlayStation Portable UMD Video that contains ten episodes from Season 1.