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"Jimminy Lummox" is the eighth episode of the third season of The Ren & Stimpy Show, and aired on February 19, 1994.



After Ren does several cruel things (including prank phone calls, contaminating tap water, yelling at baby birds, and almost killing a fly by trying to rip one of its wings off), Stimpy lends his conscience, Jiminy Lummox, to Ren to set him right. However, this seems to upset Ren even more.

Jimminy appears whenever Ren is mean to Stimpy, and unfortunately, Stimpy is constantly doing things to aggravate Ren, such as using his false teeth to descale fish or washing his collection of celebrity underwear. Sick of the constant pummelings, Ren asks the conscience if 'he' has a conscience of his own. Jimminy says he does, and shows them Tinker Galoot, which is actually Kowalski in a fairy suit. Ren hits Stimpy, Jimminy hits Ren and Tinker hits Jimminy.


Frozen Chicken: Yello?

Ren: Hello! Is your refrigerator running?

Frozen Chicken: Hold on, I'll check...Yes it is.

Ren: Well, you better go catch it!

Frozen Chicken: What the?! Why you little! I oughta pound you into the ground like a tent peg!

Production Music

  • Side of Beef Song - Charlie Brissette, Bob Camp, Billy West [original composition] (title card)
  • Busy Life - Cedric King-Palmer (opening with exterior shot of skyscraper)
  • City Desk - Ronald Hanmer (Ren call telephone)
  • Drama Shock (e) - Richard Harvey ("Your mother sows my socks!")
  • Blues for Oscar - John Horler [CPM] (chicken in fridge)
  • Timpani Roll - Sammy Burdson ("I oughta pound you into the ground like a tent peg!")
  • Blues for Oscar - John Horler [CPM] (end of scene)
  • Johann Strauss: Tales from the Vienna Woods (Waltz) - Lee Ashley [OGM] (Ren dumping beavers into the lake)
  • Willy Nilly - Cyril Watters (Mr. Pipe at the faucet)
  • Stealth by Night - Jack Coles ("Hmm, water looks a little heavy today.")
  • Willy Nilly - Cyril Watters (Mr. Pipe drinks the bad water)
  • Swimmingly (b) - Helene Muddiman (Ren sneaks up to the tree)
  • Uppers and Downers (1) - Kenny Graham (Ren screams at the baby birds)
  • Suspense Musical Saw - Johnny Hawksworth (the baby birds frightened)
  • Bugle Calls - Jonathan Yates [CPM] (Stimpy watching TV)
  • This Way Out - Robert Sharples (Stimpy sits on the tack)
  • Shock Horror (a) - Dick Walter (closeup of tack stuck in Stimpy's butt)
  • Acredite Se Quiser - Vantoil Ferreira, Aristides Marques, Jorge Silva Da (Ren puts nitroglycerin on chair)
  • Mad Scene Part 2 Act III Lucia - Gaetano Donizetti (Stimpy sits on nitroglycerin)
  • Tiptoe Through the Tubas - Sam Fonteyn (Stimpy laughs)
  • Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries - Lee Ashley [OGM] (Stimpy in bathtub)
  • On Fire - Gregor F. Narholz (Ren dumps crabs in bathtub)
  • Fully Fashioned - George French (Stimpy putting on fur)
  • Scared Stiff - John Fox ("Ralph!")
  • Elegy - Sam Fonteyn ("Oh my poor baby. Just relax, daddy'll make it better!")
  • Cold Sweat - John Scott (Ren's face turns red)
  • Human Advances A - Mladen Franko (choir)
  • Side of Beef Song - Charlie Brissette, Bob Camp, Billy West [original composition] (Jimminy Lummox sings)
  • Tchaikovsky: Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet" - Lee Ashley [OGM] (Ren reaches for his dentures in the morning)
  • Drama Link (a) - Hubert Clifford ("My teeth! Give me those!")
  • Drama Shock (b) - Richard Harvey (Ren with dirty dentures in his mouth)
  • Side of Beef Song - Charlie Brissette, Bob Camp, Billy West [original composition] (Ren's hit with a wrench)
  • Heavy Affliction - Cedric King-Palmer ("Must not get angry.")
  • Links and Interjections (I - 1 - 12) - Alan Braden ("Oh no! Oh no! He didn't! He didn't!")
  • Timpani Roll - Sammy Burdson ("You! Why I oughta...")
  • Saint-Saëns: Dance Macabre (Waltz) - Lee Ashley [OGM] ("Do you want to get me killed?")
  • The Waiting Silence - Richard Harvey ("You set me up, and he knocks me down.")
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy (Ren briefly sings this)
  • Dangerous (A) - Mladen Franko ("HEY WORLD, AM I HAPPY ENOUGH?!")
  • Side of Beef Song - Charlie Brissette, Bob Camp, Billy West [original composition] (Jimminy Lummox appears in a car)
  • Desolation - David Lindup (Ren limps up to Jimminy Lummox)
  • Side of Beef Song - Charlie Brissette, Bob Camp, Billy West [original composition] (chain of abuse)


  • The premise segment of the episode was written by Bob Camp at Spümcø, it was however rejected before being revived for the third season after it was switched to Games Animation.
  • The scenes where Ren pranks Stimpy are missing on the DVDs, but is included on the MTV airings and NickSplat airings.
  • On the Nickelodeon airings of this episode, a scene where Mr. Pipe drinks the beaver urine infected water was shortened.
  • The Beavers peeing in a lake, and Mr. Pipe drinking the contaminated water, is a callback to "The Great Outdoors".
  • Ren and Stimpy both hum the song, "Happy Happy Joy Joy", with Ren even singing a part of it at one point.
  • There are several references to Disney movies in this episode, as Jimminy is a parody of Jiminy Cricket, who functioned as a conscience for Pinocchio and sings a song that parodies "When You Wish Upon a Star", a song from the same movie. Also, Tinker Galoot is a reference to the character Tinker Bell from the movie Peter Pan, who became a co-mascot of Disney.
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