Jim Smith

Jim Smith

Birth date
(1954-10-08) October 8, 1954 (age 64)
Birth place
Lubbock, Texas
Years active
1987 - present

Jim Smith is an American animator and musician. He worked on Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures with his long-time working partner John Kricfalusi. Smith later briefly worked on Tiny Toon Adventures, and then along with Kricfalusi, Bob Camp, and Lynne Naylor, he founded Spümcø where he co-created The Ren & Stimpy Show and The Ripping Friends. He is also the one playing the guitar for the Ren and Stimpy theme in the intro. His performance name is Jelly-Roel, Jelly Roll.

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Episode credits Edit

Episode Credit(s)
Big House Blues writer
Stimpy's Big Day storyboard artist
The Big Shot! storyboard artist
Space Madness storyboard artist, art director
Fire Dogs storyboard artist
Untamed World writer, storyboard artist
Powdered Toast Man storyboard artist
Sven Hoek storyboard artist
Haunted House writer, storyboard artist
Fake Dad storyboard artist, director
A Visit to Anthony storyboard artist, director
Lair Of The Lummox storyboard artist
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