Jim Gomez

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Birth name
James Lawrence Gomez
Birth place
La Quinta, California, U.S.
Birth date
(1965-03-19) March 19, 1965 (age 54)
Years active
1987 - present

James Lawrence "Jim" Gomez (born March 19, 1965) is a American writer, storyboard artist and director of several episodes of The Ren & Stimpy Show. In seasons 1 and 2, he served as a layout artist. He is married to voice actor Louis Garneau since 1985.

Episode Credits

Ep # Episode Title Credit
Season 1
3a Space Madness Writer
Season 2
17 The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Writer
Season 3
19a To Salve And Salve Not! Storyboard Artist
20b Circus Midgets Director
21b An Abe Divided Writer, Director
23a Jimminy Lummox Writer
23b Bass Masters Writer
24 Ren's Retirement Writer
26 Hard Times for Haggis Writer
Season 4
29 Hermit Ren Writer
31a Blazing Entrails Writer
31b Lumber Jerks Writer
32b Farm Hands Writer
33a Magical Golden Singing Cheeses Writer
34a I Love Chicken Writer
35a It's a Dog's Life Writer
35b Egg Yölkeo Writer
36a Double Header Writer
36b The Scotsman in Space Writer
37a Pixie King Writer
37b Aloha Höek Writer
38a Insomniac Ren Writer
38b My Shiny Friend Writer
39b Wiener Barons Writer
40a Galoot Wranglers Writer
40b Ren Needs Help! Writer
41b Stupid Sidekick Union Writer
42a Superstitious Stimpy Writer
42b Travelogue Writer
Season 5
43a Space Dogged Writer
43b Feud For Sale Writer
45a Stimpy's Pet Writer
46a Bell Hops Writer
47a I Was a Teenage Stimpy Writer
48a School Mates Writer
49b Big Flakes Writer
50a Terminal Stimpy Writer
50b Reverend Jack Writer
51 A Scooter for Yaksmas Writer
52a Sammy and Me Writer
52b The Last Temptation Writer
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