Jerry the Bellybutton Elf is really a giant one eyed porkchop monster called Adonis. He is a little green one eyed creature who lives in Stimpy's belly button. He is voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried.


As Jerry, he appears as a piece of blue bellybutton lint. He has razor sharp teeth and one eye, along with elf ears.

As Adonis, he appears as a gigantic pork chop with one eye and a big red nose, with his voice being electronically altered.


Jerry makes his only appearance in the episode, "Jerry the Belly Button Elf." In this episode, Stimpy has been picking his belly button without end, despite Ren's warnings that something bad will happen. One day, he calls out to Stimpy to come join him inside his bellybutton which he does by turning himself inside out and he leaves his bellybutton behind. When they meet, he soon puts Stimpy to work as a servant, having him walk his lint dog, wash his lint clothes, among other things. Ren finds Stimpy and believes him to be dead, but after realizing that Stimpy is alive, throws a party that includes many characters from Seasons 1 and 2.

Soon, Stimpy brings him his dinner, which is lint loaf, which causes him to go insane and try to kill Stimpy. After Stimpy tries to reason with him,
makes it makes him even more mad, so much he rips off his skin and reveals his true identity as a giant pork chop monster named Adonis and declares that he will eat Stimpy. Stimpy calls for help within the bellybutton and Ren, although he scolds Stimpy for not coming out to help serve drinks. Jerry drags Ren inside with Stimpy and he proceeds to try and eat them both off-screen. With the pair gone, the partygoers leave, and Muddy Muddskipper's wife, Mimby , takes the bellybutton and eats it, presumably killing all three.

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