He's going to sleep.
―Jasper's first line

Jasper is a dog character that first appeared in the Ren and Stimpy pilot episode "Big House Blues."


He is a white dog with a red nose and blue spots. He appears to have been at the pound for a long time, being well aware of what happens when one gets taken away by The Dogcatcher and referring to it as "the big sleep".


He first appeared in "Big House Blues", informing Ren on what happened to Phil and what it meant by being "put to sleep." However, Ren is tired and misunderstands his euphemism, deciding to go to sleep. The next morning, Ren sees Jasper again, asking where's Phil, to which Jasper responds with his previous line. After Ren says to wake him up, Jasper explains that you don't wake up from the 'big sleep' to which Ren realizes that he means that Phil was euthanized and that he and Stimpy will befall the same fate if they can't leave.

He made his first cameo in the main series in "Fire Dogs" as one of the dogs that waited in line to use Ren and Stimpy's fire hydrant helmets.

He also appears in various minor roles such as a Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Mounty and a member of the Hermit's Alliance in Hermit Ren. Jasper also makes an appearance in "Dog Show" along with Phil. He also appears at the end of "Jerry the Bellybutton Elf" angrily going home after they discover that Mimby has eaten the clam dip.

He also made a cameo in the Adult Party Cartoon episode "Fire Dogs 2", waiting his turn to pee on the fire hydrant.


  • He was based on Pete the Pooch of the classic comic of the same name by Milt Gross.
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