Episode: It's a Dog's Life
It's a Dog's Life

[The episode begins at the state pound, where Ren and Stimpy are on death row, being led to the gas chamber to be executed while a priest reads a portion of Thessalonians behind them]

Priest: Thessalonians. [in the Deleted scene, "We came to you to the heroic bothers a lord that the grace piece of doom."] We will always thank Timothy for all of you mentioning you in our prayers. Looketh not behind you, for lo, you will turneth into a pillar of salt. [they approach the gas chamber, which Ren and Stimpy look up at]

Ren: Well, this is it, pal.

Stimpy: Yeah! A nice sauna.

[Ren gets angry but can't bring himself to hit Stimpy, despite being shackled to him]

[Granny enters the State Pound with the Dogcatcher]

The Dogcatcher: Back so soon, ma'am?

Granny: Well, you know, me and the old man upstairs do have our definesent.

The Dogcatcher: You're in luck. Just got a fresh match over there. The mastagatied, Sub washing, Wheel training.

Granny: They're all so talented. But I'm sure they'll find the home. Actually, I'm here to save the unloved. What'cha got from here?

Priest: Listen to you and another third day walk through the valley of the hill. Yay.

Granny: Ohhh, look at them. Poor pathetic vermin. There weak, united, insipid, scattering, loving disease. [sees Ren and Stimpy as a puppy and kitten] Aren't they cute?

The Dogcatcher: Alright, boys, Look sharp.

Priest: And I don't mind this devils drove on.

Granny: I'll take them.

Ren and Stimpy: [excited] We're saved!

[Ren was drinking soda and Stimpy was eating cat treat with Granny.]

Ren: Gee, not too shabby, Lady.

[Granny combs his hair tightly at Stimpy.]

Stimpy: Meeowth!

Granny: Now, what's your name, you little peaches?

Ren: I'm Ren Hoek and this is Sti-

Granny: I'll call you "Abraham" and you'll be "Leviticus".

Ren: [chuckles nervously] Whatever, lady....

[Fades to black then Fades to the Granny's house.]

Granny: Now do for my new home, boys?

[Ren and Stimpy screams happily.]

Ren: No more scratching and begging for us!? This is the good life. [to Fake Dog] How's it going, pal? We're our new roommates! [grumpy] Hey, buddy. [pokes Fake Dog] Wake up. [eyes are grumpy too and sees a Fake Dog] Come on, pal! Wake UP!! [stomps the foot and breaks the Fake dog, Ren shocked, and he screams, he tries to let go for Fake Dog and runs around the circle and stops. He tries to let go and then he stomps the Fake dog, the dog was ripped off the skin to the upper right corner face and also rip the back.]

Ren: [sobs] What's wrong with him?!

Granny: Oh, that's just Hazekeo fell asleep that will ever woke up. I had freeze tried. Cause I love him so much.

Stimpy: Hi, Hazekeo.

Ren: He's a pinata, you eediot.

[Stimpy accidentally broke the arms off, Ren covers his mouth.]

Ren: Well, first things first. Let's do the work. [Stimpy nods "Yes". Ren was scratching his butt on the floor, Stimpy rips the couch]

Granny: Oh heavens! My poor babies! They're prosect! The devil worms are in thee! [Mr. O appears on. Ren looks at Stimpy, Mr. O stomps on Ren and Stimpy, Fades to black, punching and chicken sound effect are hearding, Stimpy has the injured hands and feet and Ren sitting on Hemo-Donut. Mr. O rings the bell.]

Ren: Grub! [Granny is holding a bag of Gravl Train]

Granny: Come and get it! [Granny drops two Gravl Train balls to Ren and Stimpy. Ren bites one, but can't eat it because it's too hard] Go on... [Ren tries to bite even harder. He crunches and three teeth get lodged in the ball.]

Ren: Delicious. [Stimpy eats a whole Gravl Train ball and swallows it, but suddenly his skin begins turning purple as he chokes.] YOU'RE CHOKING! Spit it out, stupid! There's only one thing to do! I must administer the Heimlich maneuver! [Ren pushes Stimpy's throat]

Granny: [gasps] My dear mother of pearl!

Ren: Don't just standing there, women! [Granny screams, runs offscreen and Granny was grabbing the hose.]

Granny: Not on a sunday! [Hose was spraying Ren and Stimpy and Stimpy's skin was turning to normal and the whole dravl train drops off on ground.] It's time we go for a little ride.

[Granny, Ren and Stimpy are on the car and Ren was winding up by the face.]

Ren: I love our ride! Where are we going anyways?

Stimpy: You see some very important people. A miss Spay and a Mr. Nooder. [Car stops by the Animal Clinic. Ren has a headgear on and Stimpy has a bandage in his butt.]

Granny: Haven't we had a big day? You two angels deserves a little treat. [Ren scratching his head with his feet] A nice bad free bath before bedtime. [Ren bites his butt]

[Fades to black and Fades to Granny's house.]

Ren: [yawns] I don't know about you, Lil' Leviticus. I don't know about I can't take it anymore of his good life. Stimpicus? [looks at Stimpy sleeping on the mat, Ren puts the pillow on Stimpy.] Goodnight, steupid. [Ren turns off, Granny turns on the light, Ren looks at Granny]

Granny: Time for bed, angels. The all know how to little creatures love to sleep in the yard. [Fades to black and Fades to the night in the yard and Ren and Stimpy are in.]

Ren: Well, it could be worse. [Stimpy lays down the floor] We could be heading in the ce- [Ren was scared] Ce-ce.... [Ren looks at grave, and the lightning strikes] [yells] CEMETERY!!! [Cain grave was showing and lightning strikes, Ren gasps, Abll grave was showing and lightning strikes] EEHEH!! [Lazarus grave was showing and the door was opened. Ren screams during the lightning strikes and Ren and Stimpy are surrounded by the cemetery] We gotta get outta here! ESCAPE!!! [Flashlight lights up at Ren and Stimpy, Ren was holding Stimpy and Ren and Stimpy runs off and looks at the sky. Stimpy looks at the brick.]

Stimpy: Hey Ren, look at this! A loose brick!

Ren: Nice work, buddy. Stand aside, dope boy! [Ren pushes Stimpy off, Ren chuckles. Ren pushing off the brick.] FREED- [bricks dropped at Ren, Stimpy pushing off the another brick. Stimpy was walking at Ren] [Ren pants] We made it! [Stops at Policeman]

Policeman: Hmm. What do we have here? You got all lost pups, huh? [Ren nods "Yes"]

Stimpy: Duhh, but I'm a cat a, [Ren covers Stimpy's mouth]

Ren: They lost. [giggles]

Policeman: No tags, eh? [Ren nods "no".] Hmm. Right. That should be cat around here somewhere. [Stimpy upper lip are signed "Love" and downer lip are signed "Hate"] Let's see. Let's see what's in there. [Ren covers his mouth, Ren nods "no"] That's weird. No ID's? Hmm. Well, it's off the pound with ya.

Ren: [shivers] Alright, you win. [Ren lift the downer lip] Here! [Ren's downer lip signed "I belong to Granny 22 Cartwright". Fades to the courthouse. Mr. O, Ren and Stimpy sees Two Doctors was trailing the Memorial bucket] Mr. O, how did they happened?

Mr. O: Leg poisoning. [drops the pipe and stomps the feet]

[Ren looks at Stimpy sadly, Fades to black, Fades to Courthouse room.]

Lawyer: I Granny being a scout minded angles. Hereby bequeth my earthfully goodless fellows. To my favorite butler, my house of property. [Mr. O sobs] To my chauffeur. [Mr. O puts his chauffeur hat on] My solid gold Lincoln. And to my goldfish. [Put the goldfish bowl on Mr. O's head and smiles] $43.000.000.

Ren: We're next! Where do we did?

Lawyer: And to my loving Abraham and Leviticus. I will that they join me in the eternal salvation of the hereafter. [Ren was upset and Stimpy smiles, Fades to Ren and Stimpy and so does Granny freezed like a statue, Butler dusting them, walks off. The iris was closing at the end of the episode.]

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