Who cares?!
― Indifferent Ren

Indifferent Ren was an indifferent counterpart of Ren and a minor character from The Ren & Stimpy Show.

He was split from Ren by Stimpy's genetic formula.


As his name suggests, Indifferent Ren is very unemotional, melancholy and cold, expressing constant apathy and not caring about anything. This is especially shown when Evil Ren spits in his face and he doesn't fight back. He rarely speaks, unless spoken to. He oftentimes is shown to take a pacifistic approach to things, as he didn't care that Evil Ren was hitting him and showed virtually no concern of Evil Ren's intentions. He speaks in a low, monotonous voice. He maintains a bleak look on the world and life in general. He is shown not to care much for his clone, although he didn't flinch when Evil Ren tried hitting him.


He looks exactly like Ren Hoek and Evil Ren, although unlike the two, he is a light blue gray color. His nose and eyes are darker colored than the original Ren. He also doesn't wear clothes, suggesting that this might be part of his indifference.


  • Unlike Evil Ren, Stimpy gives Indifferent Ren many nicknames, such as Deadpan Ren and Apathy Ren.
  • Stimpy did considered Indifferent Ren to be the "real" Ren after Evil Ren hits them with the TV set.
  • According to Stimpy, Ren's indifference keeps him from going too far.
  • Indifferent Ren is pretty much the Good Ren because he's the non-violent one and never gets angry or annoyed and also have no intention of causing trouble, mayhem or chaos whatsoever.
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