He split again! Now he's Evil Ren, and Hideously Evil... Ren?!
―Stimpy upon first seeing Hideously Evil Ren

Hideously Evil Ren was formed when Evil Ren split himself in "Ren's Bitter Half". She makes a short appearance.


As Ren's hideously evil side, she looks very ugly, homely and unattractive. With big, red lips, big spacey eyes, and wrinkles. She has blonde hair in a ponytail. She wears a black sleeveless V-neck belly shirt and a black skirt with no footwear. Like Evil Ren, she always wears a sinister grin.

When she marries Evil Ren, she wears a white veil with pink flowers and a white dress with a small white train.


Hideously Evil Ren is shown in her brief appearance to be as evil as her counterpart, beating him after their wedding ceremony and throwing him into their car, dragging Stimpy and Indifferent Ren behind their car.


  • It is possible that in addition to representing Ren's horrible side, she also represents his feminine side, as unlike Indifferent Ren and Evil Ren, she isn't a male. Ren's feminine side could be shown by him being incredibly emotional throughout the course of the series, as shown in "The Big Shot" where he became easily upset that Stimpy was gone and "Stimpy's Fan Club" where he had several crying fits.
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