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Haggis MacHaggis is a short Scotsman who was once a star of his own cartoon, until Ren & Stimpy's own cartoon took him off the air. He is voiced by Alan Young who uses the same voice as the Disney character Scrooge McDuck.


Haggis is shown to be a rich Scottish man who created, wrote, directed, produced, arranged, and composed his own cartoon and starred as a television personality called The Scotsman, along with his pet Scottish Terrier, Whacky. He's also shown to be short-tempered, psychotic, vengeful, crazy, self-centered, envious, abusive, greedy and cheap. Haggis calls himself the "King of Cartoons". He's abusive to his dog, Whacky, by bonking him in the head, especially on TV on The Scotsman, which caused Whacky to hate him a lot.


Major Roles



  • He shares some similarities to the Disney character, Scrooge McDuck. They're both Scottish, rich yet also very cheap and both were voiced by the late Alan Young.
  • His favorite food is "haggis" with chutney. He considers haggis without chutney to be an insult.
  • He likes chutney a lot and put it on every entrees.
  • He has piloting skills. In "Dinner Party", he came to Ren's dinner party by a helicopter operated by himself.