Dramatic impacts are clips of dramatic music that play in The Ren & Stimpy Show


Dramatic Impact 1

Pilot. Big House Blues - The Dog Catcher Grinning Evily

3b. The Boy Who Cried Rat - [Stimpy Pukes Ren as a Hairball]

Dramatic Impact 2

Pilot. Big House Blues - Ren Kisses Stimpy.

1a. Stimpy's Big Day - Ending.

1b. The Big Shot! - [Ren Screams]

2a. Robin Höek - Ren Wakes Up for Nightmare

3b. The Boy Who Cried Rat - " I Ate the 5 Buck!"

Dramatic Impact 3

3a. Space Madness - [Ren records another thought into his log in a distorted voice], " I can control his... SPACE MADNESS"

Dramatic Impact 4

1a. Stimpy's Big Day - Ren Cries.

Dramatic Impact 5

2b. - Nurse Stimpy - ["Ren Höek Takes Bubbly Sponge Bath!!" Newspaper is seen]

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