Uh, let's get started shall we?
―Dr. Sloth

Dr. Sloth is the psychiatrist sloth at the Shady Brain Farm, and a one-time character on The Ren & Stimpy Show.


Dr. Sloth is a mellow and laid-back type. He talks and moves a little slowly, as a sloth normally would. He sometimes slacks off in his profession, like instead of writing down notes of his patients, he's just solving a crossword puzzle. His group therapy room has a large tree, which he often climbs up on during sessions.


Dr. Sloth is a lanky sloth with brown fur. He has a mustache shaped in a zig-zag pattern and a black tip on his bulbous nose. He wears glasses, a white suit and a red tie.

Background Information

  • Ren is the most deranged patient he has ever had.
  • His sessions are weekly.
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