"Double Header" is the 14th episode of Season 4.



While Stimpy hangs onto Ren’s leg in the middle of the street, pleading to not be sent away because Ren is just getting sick and tired of Stimpy irritating him and causing him very mad and is prepping to disown him as a friend forever, the duo get hit by the bus to Ursa Minor. They end up being sewn together at a discount hospital, as it is the only way to keep them alive. After a sleepless night, Ren arrives at work, but ends up getting fired because Stimpy's stupidity blows up his job. The duo end up in a circus as geeks, are kept in a cold cage, put on display, and fed chicken heads. Some time later, Ren freaks out and the duo get hit by a meteorite labeled Ursa Minor. They are rushed back to the discount hospital. Ren's face is now sewn on Stimpy's back. It ends with Stimpy eating baked beans, farting in Ren's face.


  • The flashbacks in this episode are from "Stimpy's Invention", "Sven Höek", "Ren's Bitter Half", "Son of Stimpy", and "A Visit To Anthony".
  • This episode shows as an example of Nickelodeon's hypocrisy. They had annoyance with John Kricfalusi (partly due to emotional intensity in certain episodes), and wound up doing the same thing themselves.
  • This is the first episode that aired in 1995.
  • In this episode, Ren's occupation is that he works as a factory worker in a top secret factory. He claims that for the job, he got a degree in leverage by attending thirteen years of night school.
  • The Green Caterpillar Guy that appears during the cafeteria scene in the circus is a reference to the real-life person, known as Prince Radian, AKA The Human Caterpillar, or The Human Torso.
  • The doctor bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Scratchnsniff from Animaniacs.
  • This episode was banned, but it has since been unbanned.


  • 2000 (Nickelodeon)

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The Ren and Stimpy Show S4 E14 - Double Header

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