Bob Camp


Robert Frank Camp
Birth date
(1956-02-07) February 7, 1956 (age 64)
Birth place
Gregg County, Texas, U.S.
Years active
1985 - present

Robert Frank "Bob" Camp is an American animator, cartoonist, comic book artist, director, and producer. Camp has been nominated for an Annie Award for his work on The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Originally the co-founder for Spümcø, which created The Ren and Stimpy Show, Camp left the company in 1992 to work for Games Productions, which was created to continue work on the show after Spümcø was fired. He was since the creative director for the show until it ended in 1995.

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Episode credits

Episode Credit(s)
Robin Höek writer
Nurse Stimpy writer
The Littlest Giant writer, storyboard artist
Black Hole writer, storyboard artist, director
Stimpy's Invention writer
In The Army writer, storyboard artist, director
Ren's Toothache writer
Out West writer, storyboard artist, director
Sven Hoek writer
Haunted House writer, storyboard artist
Mad Dog Hoek writer, storyboard artist, director
Monkey See, Monkey Don't writer, storyboard artist, director
Fake Dad writer
The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball writer
The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen writer
To Salve And Salve Not writer, director
A Yard Too Far writer, storyboard artist, director
Circus Midgets writer, director
No Pants Today director
Stimpy's Cartoon Show director
Jimminy Lummox writer
Bass Masters writer, director
Ren's Retirement storyboard artist, director
Ren's Bitter Half writer
Lair Of The Lummox writer, director
Hermit Ren writer
A Friend in Your Face! writer, director
Blazing Entrails writer, storyboard artist, director
Lumber Jerks writer, storyboard artist, director
Prehistoric Stimpy writer, director
Farm Hands writer, director
Magical Golden Singing Cheeses writer
I Love Chicken writer
Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman writer
It's a Dog's Life writer
Egg Yölkeo writer, director
Double Header writer
The Scotsman in Space writer, director
Pixie King writer
Aloha Höek writer
Insomniac Ren writer
My Shiny Friend writer
Wiener Barons writer, director
Ren Needs Help! writer, director
Ol' Blue Nose writer
Stupid Sidekick Union writer
Superstitious Stimpy writer, director
Space Dogged writer
Feud For Sale writer
Stimpy's Pet writer
I Was a Teenage Stimpy writer
Big Flakes writer
Reverend Jack writer
A Scooter for Yaksmas writer, storyboard artist, director
The Last Temptation writer, storyboard artist, director
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