The Bloody Head Fairy was a minor character in the Season 2 episode "Haunted House". The deleted scene.

Physical Appearance

The Bloody Head Fairy has a round head and yellow skin, along with squinted green eyes, a large peach nose, and several hair strands. He is shown to be small and chubby and wears a reddish purple cape top. He also has the ability to fly and speaks in a high pitched voice.


He is a being similar to the Tooth Fairy, although instead of teeth, he collects bloody heads and puts several dimes into the person's ear instead of under their pillow.

He appears only in a deleted scene for "Haunted House." In the episode, Ren and Stimpy stay at a haunted house, as it would be 'the perfect place to kill twelve minutes' and meet The Ghost in the house who attempts to scare them, although all of his attempts are dashed one way or another. Eventually, the pair decide to go to sleep and The Ghost decides to stare them by taking a bloody head and putting it on Ren's head. The Bloody Head Fairy soon comes, happy that Ren has a bloody head, takes it, and puts it in his pocket, before putting several dimes in his ear in gratitude and flying away. Ren soon awakens and becomes afraid as to what is in his ear, waking up Stimpy, who takes out the dimes and calms him, telling him that it means that he was visited by the Bloody Head Fairy.

Originally, the Bloody Head Fairy was meant to be George Liquor, although Nickelodeon greatly disliked the character due to his personality and his name. As a result, the Bloody Head Fairy appeared in his place, although the scene was cut after airing and cut from the DVD.


  • He is meant to be a reference to the Nickelodeon character Doug, which aired on Nickelodeon and was heavily popular. Billy West also voiced the titular character (although in Haunted House, he is voiced by storyboarder Bob Camp).
  • He is the second 'fairy' character to appear on the show, the first being the Nerve Ending Fairy from "Ren's Toothache."
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