William "Bill" Wray

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Years active
1980 - present

William "Bill" Wray is a writer, background colorist, storyboardist, and director of several episodes of The Ren & Stimpy Show. According to the Aloha Höek DVD commentary, he worked with John K. at Filmation in the 1980's but left in the mid 80's.


Ep # Episode Title Credit
Season 1
3a Space Madness Color Styling
Season 2
8 Sven Höek Storyboard Artist, B.G. Colorist
9a Haunted House B.G. Colorist
9b Mad Dog Höek B.G. Colorist
12a Monkey See, Monkey Don't! B.G. Colorist
12b Powdered Toastman Storyboard Artist
13a Fake Dad B.G. Colorist
14 Stimpy's Fan Club B.G. Colorist
15b The Cat That Laid The Golden Hairball B.G. Colorist
16 A Visit To Anthony B.G. Colorist
17 The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen B.G. Colorist
18 Son Of Stimpy B.G. Colorist
Season 3
19b No Pants Today Storyboard Artist, B.G. Colorist, Director
24 Ren's Retirement Writer, Storyboard Artist, B.G. Colorist
27b Ren's Bitter Half B.G. Colorist
Season 4
29 Hermit Ren Writer, B.G. Colorist
31a Blazing Entrails Writer
31b Lumber Jerks Writer, Storyboard Artist, B.G. Colorist, Director
35b Egg Yölkeo Writer
36b The Scotsman In Space Writer
37a Pixie King Writer
37b Aloha Höek Writer, Storyboard Artist, Director
38b My Shiny Friend Writer, Storyboard Artist, B.G. Colorist, Director
Season 5
51 A Scooter For Yaksmas B.G. Colorist
52a Sammy And Me Writer, Storyboard Artist, B.G. Colorist, Director
52b The Last Temptation B.G. Colorist
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