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"Big Baby Scam" is an episode of the second season.



The episode opens with Ren and Stimpy in a tree eating bark. Ren spots two babies in the nearby house, and hatches a scam to take the babies' place, as he feels that he and Stimpy will receive free food and shelter. Ren gives them fifty bucks to take "a permanent vacation."

Mrs. Pipe checks on "the boys" first, Sean (Stimpy) and Eugene (Ren). Stimpy produces many full diapers while Ren produces none. Mr. Pipe comes home, and plays with the boys until "family bath time." The family bath is interrupted by the doorbell, and Mr. Pipe hands the boys to Grandpa, who appears to be Old Man Hunger.

A policeman is at the front door with the real Sean and Eugene, who he found "at the track." Ren and Stimpy confront the real babies for blowing their cover, and Ren demands his money back. He gets a series of gut punches instead.

Deleted Scene


Mr Pipe: "What can I do for you, officer?"

Policeman: "We found these boys hanging out down at the track."


  • On later airings on Nickelodeon and the More Stinky Stories VHS, the "family bath" sequence is removed. It's unknown why this scene was censored. However, this scene is still intact on the DVD version.
  • On the Paramount DVD, the bit of Old Man Hunger whistling was cut due to John K. being displeased with it. Originally, Old Man Hunger was going to whistle an original tune by recorded by John Kricfalusi. However, when Games Animations did the sound mixing for this episode, they chose to have Old Man Hunger whistle "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" rather than John's original tune. So, when John Kricfalusi got the rights back for the cartoon, he demanded the scene be removed for the DVD release.
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