Anthony's dad is Anthony's father.


He is a large man, wearing a dark red vest over a light red shirt with gray pants and black shoes. He has tanned skin. His hair is brown and combed back. Like his son, he wears glasses, while his eyes appearing occasionally red.

He is portrayed as a stern, stubborn, and menacing man who greatly loves his son and his wife. He dislikes Ren and Stimpy, feeling as though they don't contribute to society due to being comedians and are unfunny. However, he eventually does come to accept them, laughing after Stimpy hwarfs a hairball on Ren.


He makes his only appearance in "A Visit to Anthony." Anthony wakes up one morning to discover Ren and Stimpy using the bathroom, which makes him have a panic attack, since he believes that cartoon characters don't use the bathroom. This makes his mother scold the pair, telling them to wait for his father to come home. He eventually does come home and finds Ren and Stimpy, angered that they are shattering Anthony's innocence. Later during the night, he begins to loudly yell at them and tells them a macabre joke. He tells them to try and make him laugh, during which Stimpy gets nervous and throws up a hairball on Ren, which gets him and the rest of his family to laugh.



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