The Lord Loves A Hangin'

Abner Dimwit and Ewalt Nitwit are incredibly stupid hillbillies who are sheriff and deputy of a small Wild West town.


They have a proclivity for hanging, so much so that they hang people who don't deserve it in place of actual criminals. They become so bored after hanging everyone in town they decide to hire "villains" to do evil deeds by their orders. They eventually hang themselves in absence of a suitable hangee. When Abner and Ewalt think about something, even on the most simple solutions, the theme from "Jeopardy!" plays.

The two idiots appeared again as farmers. With the same stupid personalities and traits except this time they are ranchers. They also made various cameos and pop-ups. Also in most of their appearances they blink very slowly.


Abner & Ewalt Gallery

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