Episode: A Yard Too Far
A Yard Too Far

[The episode begins when Ren and Stimpy was too sweaty to walk.]

Ren: Stimpy, I'm wasting away with a reck of FOOD! I'm nothing but skin and bones. [Ren shows the bones at Stimpy.]

Stimpy: Yeah, and I'm nothing but skin and fat. [Stimpy was in the pillow on his belly. Ren and Stimpy sighs. Ren and Stimpy was smelling pork and walks beauty, flys and drives the car. They disappear the stinkiest. Ren and Stimpy smells delicious.]

Ren: Stimpy, What is that delicious aroma? [sniffs] Mmm.... [lick his lips] Go look and see what's smell so good. [Stimpy looks at the all the Hog jowls.]

Stimpy: Hey Ren, It's your favorite! [Ren smiles, Stimpy giggles] Hog jowls!

Ren: [gasps] THE HOG JOWLS! [Water Fountain flows on Ren's mouth.] Food for me! Food for me! [Running through it and stops. Ren was thinking.] Wait a minute. I'm not stupid. I seen cartoons like this before. If I set food on that yard, I probably rip to shreds for some enormous dog! Go look again and see what's a dog.

Stimpy: Yes sir. [Stimpy looks at the yard] Nope. No dog.

Ren: OH BOY! [Ren opens the door and comes in, Cuts to the yard, Baboon was attacking Ren. Stimpy looks at the viewers.]

Stimpy: There's no dog, but there's a baboon. [Ren and Stimpy was waiting.]

Ren: That's it! [Ren looks at yard.] Ah, good. [Baboon was asleep, offscreen] Baboon is asleep. [Ren giggles, Stimpy giggles. Ren rips Stimpy's skin off.] Now get in there and give me some jowls. [Stimpy's skin is going on] Well, soon we eat. [Stimpy has no skin, instead of skeletons, brain and hearts. Fades to Baboon was totally asleep. Stimpy's skin snails on the ground. Stimpy's skin was looking at Mr. Pipe. Stimpy's skin looks at the Hog jowls. Stimpy's skin was scared]

Mr. Pipe: [offscreen] Well, what have we here? [Stimpy's skin was lying down. Walks onscreen] Hmm.. Well, I'll be. Looks like one of the hog chows fell out of the window. [Mr. Pipe grabs Stimpy's skin] Awww, shoot! It got all filthy. Well, we can't let to go a waste. [Mr. Pipe whistles at Baboon.] Here boy! Come and get it! [Baboon sees the chow. Baboon runs wildly and stop at Mr. Pipe. Baboon growls, Baboon bites his Stimpy's skin and shakes it. Baboon went back to pethouse. Baboon continues eating Stimpy's skin. Stimpy looks at Baboon eating Stimpy's skin. Stimpy was so scared and sobs sadly. Fades to Ren are up to Stimpy.]

Ren: I've gotta hand it to ya, Stimpy. This is the best idea yet! [Ren and Stimpy puts on the wife costume. He both open the door. Baboon was looking at the Wife. Baboon was growling.]

Stimpy: Oh no, Ren! It's gonna get us!

Ren: Relax! Watch this. [Ren and Stimpy (as a Wife costume) pets the baboon. Baboon smiles and asleeps. Wife was about to steal his hog chows.]

Mr. Pipe: Oh buddy, there you are! I'm glad you're home! Cause it's your turn to be mold by the baboon. Now go on, Honey. You remember what the man said about the pet store said of orgering his snackly mager. Besides, what's the use about having a blood thirsty crimemate around the house. [Wife was stopping at the Baboon] If you can't get mouth once in a while. [Wife was going on Baboon's mouth] Atta Girl. [Baboon close his mouth. Fades to door. Opens the door, Ren and Stimpy are injured. Fades to Ren was picking up One Deluxe Baboon Puppet.]

Ren: This old gag NEVER fail. [Girl Baboon puppet was showing and see the beautiful look.] Yes, I can go infest some chicken cartoon at once. [Ren and Stimpy giggles, whispers at Stimpy] Yoohoo! AHEM! [girly voice] Oh yoohoo! Mr. Baboon! [girly giggles, Baboon was looking at Girl Baboon and runs it. Baboon stops at Girl Baboon.] [girly voice] Hey, big boy. Me loves you more time. [Girl Baboon kisses a Baboon, Girl Baboon giggles. Baboon was in love. Stimpy was sneaking to the right. Baboon pets the Girl Baboon. Stimpy rolls at the Chows. Girl Baboon giggles.] [girly voice] You dog, you! [Girl Baboon giggles, Baboon gives a Eau Du Macaque to Girl Baboon] [girly voice] Oh, for me? How sweet. Why I can't wait to try it out. [Baboon sprays the water at Ren. girly laughs. Baboon gives a chocolate for Girl Baboon. Baboon giggles.] [girly voice] Oh, you shouldn't have. Chocolate for me? Oh, It feel super! You can eat sweet. Tell if you ask this one. [Girl Baboon gives a bunch of worm at Ren's mouth and chews it. Ren swallows it and shivered. Cuts to Girl Baboon and Baboon. Baboon wants to see Girl Baboon to give his diamond. Girl Baboon nod "yes". Baboon smiles. Baboon push the diamond on Girl Baboon's finger. Baboon gasps excitedly. Baboon carrys Ren and Girl Baboon too and runs it. Stimpy got a Hog jowls. Baboon runs to Stimpy. Baboon will dressed Stimpy as the marriage.]

Stimpy: JOY! I now pronounced you Dinny and wife. [tears up] You may kiss the puppet. [Baboon kisses Girl Baboon puppet and walks on and drags Ren. Stimpy throws the roses and flowers to the ground. Stimpy waves. Fades to Ren feels sad.] Oh Ren, look what I've got! Ren looks at Stimpy having Hog jowls. Ren screams excitedly.] Dinner is served.


Stimpy: Served open face, just how you like it. Go ahead, dig in. [Ren and Stimpy was eating Hog jowls for lunch.]

Ren: Stimpy, you're my true friend.

Stimpy: I nodded that. [Ren and Stimpy was continue eating Hog jowls for lunch. The iris stops at the Hog jowls. And 0.5 seconds later, The iris was closing completely at the end of the episode.]

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